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    A child free from the guilt of ownership and the burden of economic competition will grow up with the will to do what needs doing and the capacity for joy in doing it. It is useless work that darkens the heart. The delight of the nursing mother, of the scholar, of the successful hunter, of the good cook, of the skilful maker, of anyone doing needed work and doing it well, - this durable joy is perhaps the deepest source of human affection and of sociality as a whole.

    The bugs are not like us. The Pseudo-Arachnids arenÆt even like spiders. They are arthropods who happen to look like a madmanÆs conception of a giant intelligent spider, but their organization, psychological and economic, is more like that of ants or termites; they are communal entities, the ultimate dictatorship of the hive.

    In our time mass or collective production has entered our economics, our politics, even our religion, so that some nations have substituted the idea collective for the idea God. This in my time is the danger. There is great tension in the world, tension toward a breaking point, and men are unhappy and confused. At such a time it seems natural and good to me to ask myself these questions. What do I believe in? What must I fight for and what must I fight against?

    This you may say of man - when theories change and crash, when schools, philosophies, when narrow dark alleys of thought, national, religious, economic, grow and disintegrate, man reaches, stumbles forward, painfully, mistakenly sometimes. Having stepped forward, he may slip back, but only half a step, never the full step back.

    The key question is whether XM or Sirius would be willing to shell out the millions to lure Stern Co. Analysts were split on that. It's not quite economical yet for them to do it, although they both have cash on the balance sheet, ... The economics of it are not going to be easy. They're going to have to give up a pound of flesh.

    I think more businesses are recognizing the economic value of having the arts as part of town life. It's exploding. It's a very exciting development and a testament to how vibrant the arts community is.

    Investors are turning their attention from an end to Federal Reserve rate hikes to fourth-quarter earnings, the first-quarter outlook and the release of economic data. Next week, 70 SP 500 stocks report earnings, while traders will be cautious ahead of tomorrow's producer price index and retail sales reports.

    This project will help revitalize Hancock's entire downtown and provide a catalyst for future growth and job creation, ... The Scott Hotel will once again be able to play an important role in the economic development of the community.

    Demand for labor will begin exceeding supply within just five years, ... Unless these shortages are resolved, the United States will be unable to maintain its historic rate of economic growth, with the work force being short almost 5 million workers by 2011 and almost 36 million workers by 2031.

    Really, I expect the light volume to probably last until the Fed stops raising interest rates, and that will kind of depend on the economic outlook that we see, in terms of how much growth we have at the end of this interest-rate cycle. It really tells me that there is a lack of conviction from the buyers and a lack of conviction from the sellers, ... And it's somewhat psychological because people have their stocks, they're down, they don't want to sell them. And that's only been going on for, what, two or three months now The real question is, after six or seven or eight months and stocks are still down -- will people start selling at that point And maybe the volume picks up at that point.

    We are going to have a doggone hard time showing a decrease in property values. We are going to have a doggone hard time showing a decrease in economic activity due to sexually oriented businesses.

    Although this past month's dramatic rise in mortgage rates is consistent with an economic recovery, it will take more than one month of strong employment gains to verify this recovery is sustainable.

    Clearly, the economic slowdown in Asia is driving air traffic down which impacts our customers' plans and operations, ... Our actions today will match production to market demand to support our customers.

    If the conditions were right there could be great acceptance. Often it is only when they pose an economic or political threat that it turns really ugly.

    They shared the grievance that the government wasn't paying attention to ordinary people, that it was time to respond to the negative byproducts of economic reform. They considered the government to be arrogant, haughty and unresponsive.

    After growing at a very strong pace in 2005, we are now detecting a slowdown in the pace of growth. Just as nondurable goods manufacturers reported improving economic conditions, durable goods producers detailed a pullback in economic conditions for the month. I expect this slower pace of growth to continue into 2006.

    Normally, economists downplay periodic swings in energy prices, ... However, the most recent run-up is a source of concern because it may be raising inflation expectations. Workers do not live in a world that excludes food and energy prices. Wage demands, especially in the current tight labor market, will be based on the increase in the overall CPI.

    There are a lot of problems in the world, a lot of tragic things that have to be addressed, economic, medical, political, all kinds of things, but, to my way of thinking, they pale in comparison to the overall problem of the environmental deadline.

    Our analysis of economic developments almost surely will need to deal in greater detail with balance sheet considerations than was the case in the earlier decades of the postwar period,

    Without this, reconstruction, economic growth, poverty reduction and counter-narcotics will continue to be hampered. It's very important that the protection of human rights becomes part of the mainstream of Afghan politics.

    First, his job approval ratings have been trending down for many months, a trend that has accelerated in recent weeks as the war on terrorism has been supplanted in the public's mind by corporate scandals, stock market declines, and a growing sense of economic insecurity.

    The U.S. economic recovery appears to be further down the road than many expected, so another cut in interest rates is not likely to mean a great deal, ... What's more important is when companies report they're starting to see a reduction in inventories.

    The laws of economics still apply and higher prices call forth more supply while dampening demand. The long view of the market's history, filled with booms and busts, is on our side.

    If there's one property type that has absolutely sailed through all of the economic times that we've had, not just in the past few years but the past 10 or 15 years, it's been the regional malls, ... It's a fortress of shopping for consumers. This company is the largest. They trade at about a 7 percent yield and probably a good growth rate as well.

    In economics, we borrowed from the Bourbons in foreign policy, we drew on themes fashioned by the nomad warriors of the Eurasian steppes. In spiritual matters, we emulated the braying intolerance of our archenemies, the Shi'ite fundamentalists.

    The successful of Shenzhou-6 is of great significance for elevating China's prestige in the world, promoting China's economic, scientific and national defense capabilities and consolidating the national cohesiveness,

    IMF Managing Director Horst Koehler and other senior officials provided similar visions -- a world free of debt, poverty, hunger and disease, while full of economic partnership. I am aware of the critical debate about globalization, and many questions have to be of concern to all of us, ... But I also want to be clear if the IMF did not exist already, this would be the time to invent it.

    Rural development must be considered a strategic national objective, one supporting a global objective of economic prosperity. The challenges facing rural communities require, from all of us here today, a level of innovative thinking, risk taking and leadership that is no less important or potentially worthwhile than those in earlier times.

    Without the early-termination clause, people would be gaming the system. People would walk away with a 500 phone for virtually nothing. An early-termination fee allows the wireless provider to recoup the costs of giving a phone to a consumer for a steep discount. Without it, you simply have an economic model that doesn't work.

    I would infer from the statement that the Fed is somewhat more sanguine on the economic recovery. Perhaps they believe that 55 oil prices are, at least for the time being, something of the past and that jobs are just improving at a moderate pace.

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