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    IMF Managing Director Horst Koehler and other senior officials provided similar visions -- a world free of debt, poverty, hunger and disease, while full of economic partnership. I am aware of the critical debate about globalization, and many questions have to be of concern to all of us, ... But I also want to be clear if the IMF did not exist already, this would be the time to invent it.

    Did eastern Germany not need roads, roofs and factories more than an expensive church But a group of residents said Dresden needed more. And now we can see that those people were right.

    I am convinced we shall succeed. I have faith in this country, because I have faith in its people.

    In my view, the humanity of our world can be measured against the fate of Africa.

    Germany must be a country which generates political ideas and leadership, which is capable of compromise, which is sovereign and yet knows that it needs its partners on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Poles freed not just themselves, they launched a process which radiates until today, ... The fact that Poland threw off the yoke of communism led to the unification of Europe and a united Germany.

    Twenty-five years ago, the world looked to the Gdansk Shipyard where Poles struggled for their rights and freedoms,

    Looking forward, we welcome the Turkish government's goals of continuing to reduce inflation, and ensuring sustainable growth.

    If we know where we want to go, then even a stony road is bearable.

    There is an awareness among oil producing countries that this extreme oil price is not in their best interest,

    The euro is heavily undervalued, and in my view it is also clear that intervention cannot be a taboo,

    I am listening to everybody, in the sense that I feel myself in charge of an organization that has 182 members,

    Responsibility and respect of others and their religious beliefs are also part of freedom.

    We must express the fact that we respect others but also that we do not accept violence and destruction.

    This World Youth Day shows that Catholics are not a minority but come from all around the world,

    A few weeks ago we were reminded that other peoples - in particular the United States of America - fought so that we Germans could live in liberty. That we should never forget.

    Shared values and common interests - much more can be built on these than on gratitude alone.

    The fact that other people are worse off than us is certainly cold comfort for those in Germany who have to count every cent.

    The IMF supports the decision of the Turkish authorities to float the lira,

    I trust that the leaders of the poor countries themselves fully recognize the importance of sound policies and good governance, ... A real breakthrough in poverty will be possible only if private saving and investment take firm roots in these countries and if a much larger part of the savings generated in the world becomes available to them.

    I will be guided by the Christian ethic and an awareness that human action is by nature transient.

    We are coming to the realization that some parts of our nation will always be more disadvantaged than other regions,

    The reform concept was today deepened and accelerated,

    Korea's early repayment of the full amount of loans from the IMF is a major milestone.

    It is just not enough to strengthen the secret services for the fight against terrorism but it's also necessary to advance dialogue between cultures.

    It is particularly moving, and I can say this also as a Protestant Christian, that a German - one of us - has been made Pope.

    Germany's fate is decided first and foremost in Europe. Reconciliation and cooperation in Europe have brought us freedom, peace and prosperity. Who would have dared to believe so much 50 years ago?

    After a Polish Pope, whose country was first to be invaded by the Germans in World War Two, we now have someone from the generation drafted at the close of the war.

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