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    When we think the economic recovery is much more clear and certain than it is now, we will have time to do what is necessary,

    All have met stringent environmental and human health standards in product design achievement.

    There are data saying that the economy is starting to recover, and there are data saying that it tends to be weak,

    If you depart from those expectations -- that is, if you break the rules, if you ignore the spirit of the law even while meeting the letter -- woe be unto you. There will be consequences, and they will be grave.

    It is often said that in our next meeting, we cannot do anything because there are elections. That is a lie. It's all false. I can assure you that the political situation -- the fact that we are going to have a presidential election on Nov. 7 -- does not matter to us.

    And in this new era of corporate accountability, operating executives have to understand exactly what their business risks are. Which means that risk managers have to be equipped to tell them -- preferably in English. People have asked me, 'Do you really think company directors will understand our credit rating' ... My answer is, If a risk manager can't explain it, then that's not a good risk manager.

    It was an easy dunk for the commission to decide that the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy (Gordon English) were just way off base,

    There is no question that the U.S. economy, especially in relation to the world economy, is beginning to exhibit signs of imbalance and strain.

    This dovetails nicely with what we're doing. Our role is to help Wal-Mart workers get a voice on the job.

    I dont think theres any likelihood in the world that he will reject the list,

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