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    Social Security is not just the foundation of America's retirement dignity and security, it ensures the economic stability and strength of our families and our state's economy.

    At a time when so many Americans struggle to pay for the prescription drugs they need, we must look for ways to lower the price of those drugs.

    really unfair for states to lose the opportunity to provide tax incentives to be able to bring in jobs. They've been effective tools.

    I wish they were not in Michigan as an extreme group. I like to run my own campaign.

    This report highlights the urgent need for the president and the EPA to enforce our treaty with Canada and stop the trash right now.

    At a time when we are losing manufacturing jobs in this country, we should be doing everything we can to help our manufacturers stay competitive. They are the backbone of our economy.

    There has to be a major restructuring of how we fund health care and all that takes is political will.

    This is a question of being responsible and having the right values and priorities, ... I think adding massive debt to the people of our country is not responsible.

    Quality afterschool programs provide safe, engaging and fun learning experiences to help children and youth develop their social, emotional, physical, cultural and academic skills.

    We need to build on the success of Social Security by developing bold and innovative ways for Americans to build wealth and save for retirement. I believe we can work together in a bipartisan manner to accomplish these goals.

    All of your intellectual horsepower is going to be needed,

    We want to develop innovative ways to promote savings so more Americans can save for their future, but first we need to reject privatization schemes and work together to strengthen Social Security.

    The last thing we should be doing is cutting the resources our local police officers depend on to fight violent crime.

    We have come a long way. There is a long way to go, but I think the decisions are better made as women are participating.

    I was stunned to see that Delphi's first offer to its workers calls for an unprecedented elimination of health care and pension benefits, and wages as low as 9 an hour,

    Privatizing Social Security doesn't make sense, and it's out of step with the fundamental value of ensuring that after a life spent working hard and contributing to the greatness of our nation, every American should have a secure retirement.

    I think what we see is a conscience vote on all sides and people of good will making their own decisions,

    Everybody talked about doctors being in charge of medical decisions, talked about schools and safety and equality for our children. Now the question is, how do we follow through on that for the good of the country.

    There's no connection between the donations and the letter,

    This is critical to the region. Every other major city has public transportation going downtown. We have a world-class airport now, and this could be an important additional piece to the airport development. This is a significant investment and one that should be seen as a significant long-term commitment to making this a reality.

    a small step in the right direction but the U. S. Senate has already taken action in a strong bipartisan manner on this issue.

    need assurance that they are not being preyed upon by unfair and potentially illegal pricing.

    I believe that Rosa Parks is a true American hero and should be honored, lying in honor in the Capitol.

    The administration's reckless plan doesn't do one thing to ensure the long term security of social security, rather it undermines our economy. We need a budget and a fiscal policy that reflects the values and interests of America and restores fiscal discipline.

    As a Michigan senator, I feel a special responsibility to protect the Great Lakes. They are not only a source of clean drinking water for more than 30 million people but are also an integral part of Michigan's heritage and its economy.

    We must continue to be diligent in protecting Americans' civil liberties while preserving critical law enforcement tools we need to keep America safe.

    The lack of this communication for America's first responders has put them and put all of us -- all of our communities -- in danger,

    We believe we need to tackle this problem with the same sense of urgency felt by our seniors who are forced to choose between medicine and food.

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