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    Demand for labor will begin exceeding supply within just five years, ... Unless these shortages are resolved, the United States will be unable to maintain its historic rate of economic growth, with the work force being short almost 5 million workers by 2011 and almost 36 million workers by 2031.

    This gives a sense that while there's a lot of noise in the system,

    The work force could be short as many as 20 million college-educated workers by 2031,

    We are committed to working with our partners to achieve safety and health excellence. This initiative is a triple win our employees benefit, the organization benefits and the country benefits.

    If you look underneath the 4.2-percent job-loss numbers, you'll see some important counter-indications,

    Just as companies are slow to recognize things are going to slow down, they're also slow to recognize that things are going to pick back up, ... We're in a nether world right now, where companies don't necessarily know what is the correct action to take here -- they don't know whether they should be hiring or whether they should be more cautious about pay increases.

    We will continue to reduce costs by improving efficiency in all our operational and business processes, ... We will bring service performance to even higher levels. We will use the best technology to make the mail a rich source of information both for our customers and our operations managers. We will achieve all this with an energized, customer-focused work force.

    If a business is losing market share, it tends to think about what it can do to reinvigorate its product, make it more attractive, ... Only on the margins has the AFL-CIO done that.

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