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    Why mess with success If the language worked in the House, you would think it would work here in the Senate as well,

    It was important for us to be as supportive as our candidates and as our incumbent senators would have us be.

    We have an anticipated debt of 400 billion this year, and that's before the first dollar in whatever military action may be required will be expended, ... Without a question, this will exacerbate the debt and complicate our fiscal circumstances beyond anything, I would say, in history.

    We may have had differences of opinion about what brought us to this point, but the president is commander-in-chief, and today we unite behind him as well,

    Looking at all of these things together, you would have to conclude American foreign policy today is broken,

    I think it is fair to say that there is a growing number of economists that question the stimulus,

    And yet he is now asking for health care for the Iraqi people. He's asking for education for the Iraqi children. He's asking for money for an Iraqi highway bill -- highway construction.

    The horrific tragedy Tuesday is another illustration of the need to do an array of things,

    Those who are in government have an urgent responsibility to prove to the American people that our government can still work for them.

    This is a Congress that is much more interested in investigating than legislating,

    I don't think that anybody has any patience left for the way the PLO Palestine Liberation Organization has conducted itself, ... We know now, because of the arms shipment, that there is a close association between all of that violence and what is happening within the ranks ... and the leadership of the PLO.

    We've finally gotten rid of the deficit, and they're hell-bent on bringing it back,

    killing the small independent trucker and we've got to find ways to give them some relief.

    The reason we want to continue to talk tonight, ... is to express in as clear and unequivocal a manner as we possibly can that we're going to keep the pressure on tonight, tomorrow, for as long as it takes to get this job done.

    I think it's wrong. I think it's really wrong because it destroys the institution, ... dangerous precedent.

    It was as close to a tie as history has ever seen, ... I fully support and accept the results of this election, let there be no mistake about it. But we all know that the vice president received more than 300,000 votes and the issue is Now, where do we go from here

    To support federal funding for embryonic stem cell research is to come down on the side of hope for the millions of Americans suffering from diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to cancer to Parkinson's to diabetes,

    I think that there is an implication here, as they've done throughout this debate on Iraq, that if you oppose the president, your patriotism ought to be questioned, ... Meet the Press.

    I don't think we should pay a whit of attention to administration criticisms. Democrats need to ask the hard questions and ignore the political attacks that are destined to come when we ask them.

    He has invested an inordinate amount of his personal credibility, work and effort to get to this point,

    That is probably the key factor in support of any tax measure, whether we have that 35 billion locked in or not,

    Let us respond with the same commitment and resolve in this drought as we would with any other natural disaster.

    It's really a repulsive and outrageous attack, once again, on those who question the direction that much of the administration has taken with regard to Iraq,

    There's no doubt that they are struggling. But there is equally no doubt that working together we can survive this and we can put them and all of them associated with air transportation infrastructure in a position of strength,

    I'm very disappointed and somewhat surprised that there has been that kind of activity this early, ... It certainly violates the spirit of the agreement that we just all agreed to last week.

    It seems to me a no-brainer, that is, you have a Republican proposal that Democrats like and a Republican proposal that Democrats don't like, you'll take the Republican proposal the Democrats like and make a deal out of it,

    There have been so many unexpected twists and turns in the proceedings and in these developments to date, that to count on that, even though I know their word is good, is more than we can accept,

    We therefore expect more say on how the Senate is run, and that includes everything from deciding what bills are debated on the floor, what goes into conference reports, to deciding committee chairs and ratios, and assigning committee staff and office space,

    I will hold to that commitment, ... that in no way would imply that I have some personal knowledge about how each of my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats, are going to vote. I don't.

    I would give this Congress a B for achievement, a D for behavior and the overall assessment of incomplete,

    There is absolutely no room for compromise on that tax cut,

    This last-minute change would have given the president broad authority to exercise expansive powers not just overseas -- where we all understood he wanted authority to act -- but right here in the United States, potentially against American citizens.

    We want to make this as competitive a race as there is in the country, ... Frank Lautenberg's record, his reputation and the kind of candidate he is assures that, but we want to give him the resources to make sure he's got what he needs to get over the top.

    With great regret, I will pull the bill tomorrow, with the offer that should Republicans choose at any time to sit down and to sincerely want to find some solution, I am ready, we are ready and we will do that at a moment's notice,

    Were it not for the fact that we demonstrated good faith today, we would not be able to demonstrate good faith when challenges and difficult circumstances arise.

    I disagree with the pardon of Mr. Rich. I think it was inappropriate. But I don't know all the facts, and I can't pass final judgment on it,

    as consistent or regular as I think they should be.

    I think, still the view of most Democrats that it would be in our interest to avoid the vote if we can have some understanding about when and how we will consider the treaty in future months,

    I'm equally dismayed that House managers have already chosen to contact witnesses. And then, to announce a witness reluctance to participate until they know the circumstances, that is in clear violation of the agreement that we had last week. And I hope it's not a harbinger of the politicized process that we have all said we oppose,

    I think it is essential we put as much pressure through the international community on North Korea to do the right thing and do it quickly,

    highly respected men determined to cross party lines in order to solve our problems.

    The word marriage means only a legal union between one man and one woman, as a husband and wife, and the word spouse refers only to the person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife,

    some very serious questions about the perception, the attitude of some on the other side when it comes to minorities. There is very little sensitivity.

    There is a great deal of common ground here as we consider our priorities. I'm hopeful that we can work together to accomplish as much as possible in the short time that we have,

    We will not allow this bill to be ... sneaked through a back door when no one is looking, ... This is a Frankenstein monster of a bill. It's time to take it back to the laboratory.

    Firing its economic team is an overdue admission by the Bush administration that its economic policies have failed. However, the fundamental problem is that this administration has no comprehensive plan to get the economy back on track.

    If if looks like we're going to face a filibuster, we're going to find the time and find the way to break that filibuster in the United States Senate.

    Obviously we are trying to avoid even the perception of partisanship, ... Face the Nation.

    What we're offering is real jobs, real opportunity and real prosperity -- a plan that works for our country,

    We ought not politicize the rhetoric about war and life and death.

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