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    The successful of Shenzhou-6 is of great significance for elevating China's prestige in the world, promoting China's economic, scientific and national defense capabilities and consolidating the national cohesiveness,

    To realize lasting peace and sustainable development in human society, members of the international community have to cooperate with one another fully and make concerted efforts.

    The concept has been thoroughly adopted by draft outlines of the 11th Five-Year Plan, which clearly sets forth the goals and major tasks for the upcoming five years.

    The NPC Standing Committee also paid great attention to letters and visits and put the complaints widely aired by ordinary people as its supervision priorities.

    China and Russia are both shouldering tasks to improve living standards and reach national prosperity.

    The Chinese is a peace-loving nation and China is a responsible member of the international community. We focus on economic development, persist in reform and opening up, continue to improve people's living standards, and strive to build a harmonious socialist society.

    The Chinese NPC attaches importance to its ties with the South African parliament and stands ready to elevate the level of bilateral exchanges and make the communication and cooperation between the two sides regular and institutional, so as to infuse fresh vitality into Sino-South African relations.

    Last year, the NPC Standing Committee set the issues relating to resources and environment on top agenda on its supervision work. The legislature assigned a group to examine the law enforcement on water pollution prevention and control, and heard and discussed the report on current energy security situation made by the State Council.

    It is our historical duty to protect the land rights of farmers. This is our top priority in building a new socialist countryside.

    Mutual respect is a prerequisite for multilateral cooperation, ... We should respect the diversity in world civilizations and promote democracy in international relations on the basis of respecting and treating each other as equals.

    In the political front, there have been frequent high-level exchanges amid continuously enhanced political mutual trust. Intrade and economic cooperation, the volume of bilateral trade has increased incessantly, reaching 1.16 billion US dollars last year,

    The Chinese side stands ready to work with Morocco to consolidate and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation and continuously push forward the development of Sino-Moroccan ties in the spirit of boosting understanding, broadening cooperation for common development.

    The Sino-Brazilian strategic partnership has in recent years undergone an all-around development, seeing fruitful cooperation in all areas.

    We may introduce useful regulation from western laws and should never blindly copy them.

    Sino-Moroccan relations have all along developed soundly and stably with friendly cooperation deepening continuously in all fields, thanks to the joint efforts by the leaders and peoples of the two countries, no matter how international situation changes,

    We two countries have also maintained sound coordination and cooperation in international affairs.

    No legislative, administrative or judicial activity in the Hong Kong SAR is allowed to contradict the Basic Law, let alone to go against the Basic Law.

    The governance principle of 'improving governance and benefiting the people' adopted by Donald Tsang and the SAR government conforms to the fundamental interests and common aspirations of the Hong Kong people.

    This will further improve the country's international status and national strength, and will help to mobilise its people to rally around the Communist Party and work harder for the future of the country.

    Despite the mountains and rivers that separate China and Morocco, the peoples of the two countries have a long history of exchanges and profound traditional friendship,

    China and South Korea are close neighbors that have identical or similar views on international and regional affairs and share broad common interests,

    We have had sincere and effective cooperation in political, economic, cultural, educational and health sectors.

    No country has the right to interfere in the choice of the people of other countries.

    Developing countries, on the other hand, need to take acceleration of development and improvement of people's livelihood as their prime task, draw on the fruits of world civilizations in light of their own national conditions, and keep building their capacity for self-development.

    We should always settle disputes through dialogue and cooperation, and should not resort to the use or threat of force on the slightest provocation. We should get rid of Cold War thinking and broaden the converging points of our common interests, notwithstanding the differences in social systems and ideologies.

    We are willing to continue maintaining the momentum of high- level visits, strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation at various levels, boost understanding and expand common ground, so as to lay an even broader basis for the development of bilateral ties.

    The Chinese side stands ready to work jointly with the Moroccan side to continue advancing exchanges and cooperation at all levels and in all fields in the spirit of boosting understanding, broadening common ground and enhancing cooperation for common development, fully tapping the potentials of cooperation and incessantly enriching the contents of cooperation, so as to enable the existing friendly ties between the two countries to develop in an all-around and multi-faceted fashion for the benefit of the peoples of both countries,

    I hope all social circles in Hong Kong can reach a broad consensus on this issue, and continue to do a good job in promoting the development of constitutional reform according to law.

    China and Belarus have been committed to reform, economic development, and democratic construction despite their different social systems, thus the two legislative organs should enhance cooperation in all fields.

    The countryside can only develop with peasants' pocket full.

    China is ready to join hands with Zambia to boost the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries in the economic and trade sectors.

    Over nearly half a century since the establishment of diplomatic ties, friendly relations between China and Morocco have developed smoothly on the basis of mutual respect, equality and reciprocity. There have been frequent high-level exchanges and mutual trust in the political arena has been strengthened increasingly.

    Strengthening Sino-Brazilian relations benefits not only the two countries and the two peoples, but also regional and global peace and development.

    Developing relations with African countries, including South Africa, is a basic stand of China's foreign policy,

    Work safety incidents, which always involve sacrifice of human lives, attracted wide public attention.

    Especially when there are difficulties in our relations, parties and statesmen in China and Japan should look over the situation from a higher point of view and preserve the political foundation of bilateral ties.

    We will continue to publicize law drafts to collect suggestions and hold more public hearings on bills which the public care about or dispute about the most.

    China's National People's Congress is ready to join parliaments of other countries in making full use of this important stage of the IPU to carry out all forms of multilateral cooperation in a sustained endeavor to build a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious new world.

    The law-enforcement supervision work by the NPC Standing Committee is aimed at defending people's fundamental interests.

    The Asia-Pacific region enjoys stability as a whole, and broad and multiple forms of regional cooperation has produced marked results.

    We are ready to make joint efforts with Yemen to make use of each other's advantages to enrich bilateral cooperation under the principle of mutual benefit.

    China has all along respected the diversity of world civilizations, championed the democratization of international relations and been committed to the lofty undertaking of maintaining world peace and advancing common development.

    The two sides have kept frequent high-level exchanges and strengthened cooperation in culture, science and technology, tourism, personnel training and coordination in international affairs.

    The government could merely reduce or remit taxes. Only the NPC has the right to abolish agricultural tax.

    great significance in raising China's international status, our economic and technological strength, defense and national cohesion.

    We have deepened mutual understanding, strengthened political mutual trust, carried out fruitful cooperation in sectors such as economy, culture, education and sanitation and closely coordinated on the international arena.

    To resolve the Taiwan issue and achieve the final reunification of the motherland is the common aspiration of all Chinese at home and abroad.

    Officials, especially leaders within the judicial system are the most important recipients of our legal education in the coming five years.

    I hope people in Macao can continue to support Chief Executive Edmund Ho and the Macao SAR government, to jointly promote a well- coordinated and sustainable development of the region.

    I am sure your visit will go a long way to promoting the development of China-Pakistan relations.

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