Deceptions Quotes (94 Quotes)

    She's easy to lead around, a shiny present here, a pretty compliment there, and you have true love and a popped cherry sacrificed to the god of deception and hormones. Young girls are so ridiculous--so predictably easy.

    I have frequently detected myself in such kind of mistakes... in a total misapprehension of character at some point or other: fancying people so much more gay or grave, or ingenious or stupid than they really are, and I can hardly tell why, or in what the deception originated. Sometimes one is guided by what other people say of them, without giving oneself time to deliberate and judge.

    It should be obvious that this pattern of systematic holes and gaps in Iraq's declaration is not the result of accidents, editing oversights or technical mistakes. These are material omissions that -- in our view -- constitute another material breach. It is up to Iraq to prove that there is some other explanation besides the obvious one, that this declaration is just one more act of deception in a history of lies from a defiant dictator.

    This report highlights the current gap in federal oversight that is a major problem and needs immediate correction, ... Enron's deceptions were shocking, and equally shocking was the extent to which respected U.S. financial institutions like (J.P. Morgan) Chase, Citigroup, and Merrill Lynch helped Enron carry out its deceptions and mislead investors and analysts about the company's finances.

    The Bush administration has its sights set firmly on Tehran. The same deception is taking place right before our eyes and most Americans remain blind. It is going to happen. It is happening as we speak.

    I don't know who he meant. I clearly wouldn't think that Todd Walker would have any reason to tell you I've never not told him the truth. Whether I'm right or wrong, I've spent 27 years of my life telling players what I felt was the truth at that time. My decisions don't always work out, but they're never done with any deception toward the player.

    It is nothing short of deception and lies to portray this deal as strengthening the union (between Northern Ireland and Britain), ... complete and total sellout of our province.

    I already hated that gray suit and then having to go through putting on that wig with a false front - again made me feel so trapped inside this person who was desperately wanting to break out of it but she was so caught up in the web of deception that she couldn't.

    The dogs of greed are with me. In the early morning, they continually bark at the wind. Falsehood is my dagger through deception, I eat the carcasses of the dead. I live as a wild hunter, O Creator

    This is the same dictator who dispatched a team of assassins to murder former President Bush as he traveled abroad. A person would be right to question any suggestion that we should just get inspectors back into Iraq, and then our worries will be over. Saddam has perfected the game of cheat and retreat, and is very skilled in the art of denial and deception. A return of inspectors would provide no assurance whatsoever of his compliance with U.N. resolutions. On the contrary, there is a great danger that it would provide false comfort that Saddam was somehow back in his box.

    The Bush Administration's inflation of enrollment numbers disguises the problems that plague this privately-administered benefit. Deception will do nothing to help older and disabled get the medications they so desperately need.

    When the judge looked at the evidence and saw how blatant the stem cell opponents were in stealing the codes and information from our Web site, he said that it was an obvious and intentional attempt to confuse the public. They're willing to use every tool of deception and disinformation to accomplish their goals.

    Certainly, it seems true enough that there's a good deal of irony in the world... I mean, if you live in a world full of politicians and advertising, there's obviously a lot of deception.

    For as long as I care to remember, religion, like the striptease, has always been a display of the power of suggestion. Like the Virgin Birth, it has all too often supported an immaculate deception.

    We're concerned that Iran's activities pose an increasing threat to international peace and security. Iran's pattern of deception, its concealment, its confrontational approach, increasingly worries the world community.

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