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    Spring training performances are totally skewed most of the time.

    Let's see how it goes. I don't know yet. All I know is that he was really impressive today. I'll never come down to that evaluation this early in camp, but all I know is that he's on the right track.

    He's got a fine arm. He had a pretty decent season last year. Walk to strikeout range the walk was a click high.

    I think I made the most trips to the field for an Opening Day manager in his first game for a variety of different reasons.

    Nick's done a great job at shortstop this spring. He worked on it (before he came to camp). He's done a fine job.

    When it gets down to the dirty end. We'll sit down and make our best guesses at that point.

    Mr. Hendrickson was pretty incredible. Great job. He was in command, gosh, right from the first moment until the very end.

    Somebody needs to find out the logic behind this, because I don't get it.

    Jackson really did up some people. We know what we thought, but we think that even more now. That was a tremendous performance on his part, but his day is coming. It's getting closer.

    To command it at 40-something, that's not easy.

    He just drips with intangibles. He just oozes with the stuff you need to be good as a group. Above everything he does skillfully, that's what I love the most. He's a guy who does make a difference in the clubhouse.

    Regardless of where I was, I'd make that same statement. But based on what I heard, the 70 thing, the 81 thing, it absolutely had to be said.

    I don't think it's ever overrated to have an established closer, but there are other ways to get it done too. With the situation that we're looking at now, there are some people there that may become that. This may give that other person the opportunity to become that. He may be here already.

    When we have our organizational meetings, we don't just talk about numbers, we talk about agenda. About each player, we ask, what is his agenda Is it himself, or the team

    I'd just like to see him go out there and put together some innings and some pitches. Again, his stuff is phenomenally good. We've just got to get him to pitch a little bit more and be a little more consistent with his concepts on how to get batters out. But, physically, this guy is very, very talented. We'll get beyond the other part. Eventually he's going to figure out, mentally, exactly what he wants to do in regard to pitching these games. And when he does, he's going to be very good for a long time.

    Some pitchers can be very liberal when they evaluate themselves. The most impressive thing he did today was that he admitted he missed his spot.

    I absolutely love it. This place rocks. The 'Pit' rocks.

    By tomorrow, we will have somebody. Another player will be here by tomorrow. We're still playing one player short as of Thursday night. And the player could be Sean Burroughs, yes.

    He's going to want to test it, so we felt it best to back him off and make the decision for him.

    If he throws that many pitches going into the sixth inning, that's nice. He should be ready for seven innings next time out or possibly more. Everything was good, his mound presence. He looked comfortable. Everything kind of flowed today for him.

    It just hit the bat and went out. It's just one of those baseball things that happen sometimes in the ninth inning. When it happens for you, you're very happy. When it happens against you, you're not quite so happy.

    Right now, they're putting themselves in jeopardy, kind of. I think Hendrickson, by pitching on Saturday, is going to be fine. Mori, I'm a little bit more concerned about, because he can only play long toss at this point. Until he gets on the mound and knows that he can pitch and then feel good the next day, that would be a concern. But I think Hendrickson is going to be fine after this little outing tomorrow.

    Their guy topped us. But I thought Seth was outstanding.

    I don't even have to see stuff like that. I stand by the cage and I watch how somebody uses their hands. And when you get a big person who uses his hands well, they normally have pretty good power. And he's a big guy and uses his hands really well.

    Thank God for modern transportation.

    They believe we are still in the game as it gets tight and late. There's a good feeling in the dugout.

    He busts on any authority figure. He's been really nice to me so far. I'm waiting for him to break it out.

    J. P., part of bringing him over was because I thought he was a good catcher defensively also. He does not have the strongest throwing arm in baseball. But he throws well enough. The other part of his game was really good. And I thought his offense was better than what people were giving him credit for. ... Those two guys together, I think they compliment each other. I think they're good for each other. So they're both going to play a lot.

    He's so easy to talk to on the phone, and you're standing over there meeting him for first time in front of a bunch of people and that was easy, too. He's just such a nice man - everything he's supposed to be.

    We thought about it and based on what he did last year, which is part of it, we feel good about it.

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