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    He also played football and basketball at the Shelton School, playing on varsity as a freshman. Shelton had a good football team, ... But the program wasn't as big as Sherman.

    Our goal is to bring teams and volunteers together and make the event as successful as possible. This kickoff was effective. We reached out and found a number of team captains and a number of people throughout the business community and the Shelton community who understand the importance of the mission.

    While Sherman Independent School District does have a program in place to deal with students that have dyslexia, Jeremy's parents, decided to send him to the Shelton School in Richardson for his freshman year. We wanted to get him some help while he was s

    Additionally, at the last three Rolex Grand Am races, the CITGO Racing Team and Howard-Boss Motorsports hosted children diagnosed with neuromuscular disease and their families. Katherine Shelton, Nicholas Patte and Bailey Dull were able to attend the races in Birmingham, Ala., Watkins Glen. N.Y. and Lexington, Ohio. These special guests spent time with drivers Milka Duno, Jan Lammers, Tony Stewart and Andy Wallace, along with members of the race team. If we can do something for kids like this, it's great, ... Everyone should make a contribution to something like MDA. They need us.

    She was a great volunteer and devoted her time to helping others. She was a member of the Shelton Historical Society, she volunteered for the Girl Scouts and helped take care of the fountain.

    We've always kind of made an agreement that our sub-varsity teams wouldn't leave the area. We might go to Shelton or Elma with our C-team, but we won't go to Tacoma.

    I just wanted to throw strikes and give a good performance. If I get beat, I want it to be throwing strikes, not walking people. After the Shelton home run, I was able to stop overthrowing and get my control settled.

    Sometime in the future Barrett Ruud will get his chance to play, and we always feel like we have a contingency plan to move a guy like Shelton if we need to,

    Whatever your personal views on General Shelton, I'm sure you agree that he is a respected military leader who served our country with distinction. When I talk to the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it's about the safety and security of our men and women in uniform, not about politics.

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