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    Give them the tools to make the right decisions. You have to let people do things on their own.

    Underage drinking kills people in Shelton. There are a lot of immediate consequences to drinking.

    If we can raise a quarter of a million dollars for cancer research that would be excellent.

    Our goal is to bring teams and volunteers together and make the event as successful as possible. This kickoff was effective. We reached out and found a number of team captains and a number of people throughout the business community and the Shelton community who understand the importance of the mission.

    People have expressed a keen interest in getting out there. Cancer is a big killer in this country. Any money we can raise to help scientists, doctors and researchers learn more about it and find ways to fight it the better off we are. That's our goal.

    We're just happy that no other cars were involved and no one else got hurt.

    Don't let the numbers make you think there isn't a problem. When underage kids drink, there rarely is a good outcome.

    It was a very busy day for the EMS in Shelton. The vast majority of our calls were weather related. We had a ton of motor vehicle accidents, but nothing really major.

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