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    We've waited four years for this victory, ... We can wait one more night.

    Just because he stands with Zell Miller and campaigns in a Democratic county, it doesn't make you a friend of Democrats, ... It shows a sign of desperation.

    I think the vice president and his wife love their daughter. I think they love her very much. And you can't have anything but respect for the fact that they're willing to talk about the fact that they have a gay daughter.

    They're trying every way they can to make it work, but they're an example of the struggles that American manufacturing is having.

    I was honored this morning to receive a call from Senator Kerry asking me to join his ticket, ... I was humbled by his offer -- and thrilled to accept it.

    People who supported Governor Dean have been part of a movement all across America, and that was a grass-roots movement to change this country,

    a movement to change this country that will sweep across America.

    The truth is he is the one man who can put an end to these ads. This is a moment of truth for the president. It is time for him to step forward and say three words Stop these ads.

    The last thing in the world that the people of California need is to spend 70 million to 100 million on a recall election that could be used for schools, hospitals, to hire police officers and firemen. What we ought to do is put an end to this -- end this circus, and send Republicans a clear message on recall day.

    When I hear of a group of courageous workers engaged in a historic struggle, it is important to me to show that I am with them. I am with you in every step of this struggle. No American should be working full time and still living in poverty.

    It has been my greatest honor ... to have walked with you, because, from the beginning, this has never been my campaign. This has been your campaign, and I am blessed to have been a part of it.

    This is an especially valuable survey, because it drills down into the benefits, costs, challenges and unexpected consequences experienced by managers much more than the census type research of employees produced to date.

    While it appears on the surface that our members' employment and working conditions will not change under any new management structure, we have a long-term concern about job stability and service levels in what amounts to 15 per cent of Bell's customer base.

    I have this kind of curious notion that I think actually most voters in America make their own decision about who they believe should be the president of the United States. I don't think you can tell them what to do.

    I have stood up to this president over and over and over, including back in 2001 when some on this stage had hope for President Bush, ... I did not have hope for President Bush.

    We know better, but we don't act because we don't want to look, ... The Superdome made those people impossible to ignore, but we could look down the streets of every city in America and see enough poor and forgotten families to fill all the sports stadiums in America.

    Unless I missed something, Governor Dean still has not said he was wrong. Were you wrong, Howard

    We are past all the preliminary stages. It's time for you, the people of South Carolina, to choose a president,

    Both of us believe in a lot of the same things, and we like each other very much, ... But both of us also recognize at the end of the day, caucus-goers will have to make their own decisions about this.

    There is blood, there is bad language, there are some scenes that have been tough for actors to play,

    If you look at the history of endorsements in this campaign, they haven't had a lot of sway with voters, which is understandable, ... Voters make their own decisions in presidential campaigns.

    Stronger exports would gladly be welcomed by the central bank. Most growth forecasts, including ours, depend on a stronger export performance this year.

    Anger is not going to change this country and do what needs to be done for America.

    On CNN's Larry King Live, ... as in so many things, is dead wrong.

    Even after Wisconsin, which is still a little over a week away, something like 75 percent of the delegates are left to be chosen, including critical places like New York, Ohio, Georgia,

    I think that's taking money that people desperately need, giving it to people -- the very people -- that we've had trouble with, ... It feels like saying, 'You're in good hands with Enron.'

    We're going to have a campaign and an election, not a coronation.

    What they've learned and documented over time is actually the repayment rate for low-income families is at least as good, in some cases higher, than other families.

    I think it represents in many ways the downfall of the Bush administration, which is the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the state of Ohio as a result of their tax policies and their trade policies, ... The people of Ohio will be looking for new leadership.

    If we're going to win the general election, we're going to have to get independents. This is another in a long series of examples of me being much more attractive to independent voters, ... Larry King Live.

    We will have one clear unmistakable message for Al Qaeda and these terrorists. You cannot run. You cannot hide. We will destroy you.

    My question is, do you believe we're going to change this country out of Washington, D.C.

    The booklet has positive stuff in it, ... This was something given to our field people who were under attack and needed to defend themselves against all these baseless phone calls and negative mail they were receiving from other candidates.

    I have grown up in the bright light of America.

    Remember it was a little over a month ago, Larry, that all the pundits on your show said it looks like Gov. Howard Dean's got this thing wrapped up. It's been about five weeks since then and look what's happened. We've had somebody who was the presumed favorite already who's clearly not any longer and that could happen again, ... The American people want to see this campaign play itself out and I feel very strong about our position right now.

    If we do the work that we can do in this country, the work that we will do when John Kerry is President, people like Christopher Reeve will get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.

    We've never elected a Democrat president of the United States without winning at least five Southern states, ... If Democrats across the country want to take a risk on the first time in American history, that's a possibility -- they can do that. What I give them is a candidate who can win everywhere in America.

    John Kerry and I made a promise to the US people that in this election every vote would count and every vote would be counted. Tonight we are keeping our word and we will fight for every vote

    We do not have to live in an America that accepts poverty as a fact of life or chooses to ignore it.

    I believe the president should have been given the authority he was given. I believe it's a very good thing that Saddam is gone. ... I think at the time it was the right thing to do to give the president that authority. I think if we'd have given John Kerry that authority we'd be in a very different place because he would have built a coalition to be successful.

    All these people who lost their jobs, lost their homes, how about if we let them rebuild their own city, pay them a decent wage and give them decent benefits

    One of the striking things about seeing Edwards up close is the degree of raw anger he evinces in his speeches -- and the level of anger he elicits from his audiences toward the president.

    He described his roots before being cut off for time by the moderator. You have to let me finish, you asked me the question, ... I grew up the way you grew up, I come from the same place, I spent 20 years in courtrooms fighting for you against big corporate America, against big insurance companies. I will never forget where I come from, and you can take that to the bank.

    In order to change the problems in Washington, in order to have real reform, do you want someone who has spent ... most of their adult lives in politics, because there are a lot of people on this stage who represent that,

    Senator Kerry supported NAFTA and other trade agreements, ... I was against NAFTA and some of the trade agreements that he was for, and I think they've cost us millions of jobs. And I think voters need to see the difference in our views on what needs to be done about trade and how trade can work for America and American workers.

    I came here today to ask you to choose a president that you believe you, your children and your grandchildren will be proud of.

    The only thing I can say is that since I have been with the SEIU, I have attended their meetings, and they've been very honest with me. I've seen a lot of integrity, and that's kept me involved with this.

    I think the problem with the Patriot Act is not the law itself, it's the way it's being administered, particularly the way it's being administered by the attorney general of the United States, General Ashcroft, ... It is why I have proposed taking away from the FBI the responsibility of fighting terrorism here in this country and simultaneously setting up an independent watchdog group, Office of Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.

    We're going to try to do a little better this time, and I'm convinced we will.

    Today, the voters of Wisconsin sent a clear message. The message is this -- objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear, ... They want a debate. They want this campaign to continue. They want someone who will stand up and fight for them.

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