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    This is the first team I've been on that starts every practice with an anti-turnover circuit. We're coaching that hard. ... We're actually implementing drills, specific drills, to increase our capability of hanging onto the ball.

    There's some of that, and then some of that is just sheer determination, guts, and talent. He is a phenomenal competitor and he is blessed with great talent. Not to take anything away from anyone else.

    I can't say enough about him. He got into camp on time, didn't miss a practice and will be a real asset for us.

    We're not going to sit here and try to justify what happened two or three years ago and what happened last year,

    It goes hand-in-hand, ... You run the ball, you're going to have time of possession and it is going to have a favorable impact on the defense.

    We think he's going to be OK for the Green Bay game. We'll update you later in the week as we get more information. We are very optimistic, though.

    We tried to get him and Tim involved, because the bigger the game, the bigger he plays. He was excited and thrives in this atmosphere. He loves the big games. The more you ask of him, the more he relishes.

    We've got 53 guys under contract right now. We have some closure, and we have some focus on what we need to do next. We gotta lot of good work done, and we gotta long way to go.

    We'll probably make those cuts today, ... We'll meet late into Sunday evening here and keep evaluating and obviously get an idea of who is going to be healthy enough to play against Houston.

    It's a credit to New Orleans for hanging in there. They really pushed us to the brink today.

    I would like to congratulate the USF Bulls on a rousing victory, ... It fired us up, really, while we were in our hotel. (They) handed it to Louisville. That was a great win for our local fans and USF football.

    I'm really excited with our ability to make field goals. Hopefully that's a winning edge for us this season.

    He made a big play to block the kick to extend last week's game in overtime. What he did today was come up with the signature play of the game. His best times are ahead of him.

    Well, I would like to say that it's somewhat surprising that he's had this success, but we really felt that he was a great, great running back, to be honest with you,

    I'm an optimistic guy. But I'm also very realistic. I just don't want to stand up here and say something that is inaccurate when it's involving a key player and an injury of this potential magnitude. I just sit and wait. That's kind of how my life goes sometimes.

    Obviously what is being reported right now is an impasse. There are a lot of teams in similar straits that we are in, in terms of kind of waiting and hoping for the best. If no agreement is reached, I am sure there will be some very difficult decisions to be made. The players and the owners have to sort this thing out. It will take time. It is frustrating for, I think, fans and everyone.

    There's a lot of decisions you need to make. Can I return this Should I fair catch it Should I let it roll into the end zone It requires a disciplined, aware guy who also has great instincts in open field awareness and a guy who can catch the ball and take some punishment. Obviously, we need somebody who can make somebody miss. It's a skill not many people perfect or many want to perfect.

    We don't have one player or coach on our team who has ever won a Super Bowl. This is the most exciting times of our lives in football.

    He's been unbelievable in terms of his mission, his vision of getting better and learning this system. He's a guy who not only has talent, he has tremendous self-motivation and drive.

    He's got incredible pride. He gets great satisfaction from playing well, not from an ego standpoint, but from the pride level. He takes great pride in performing well. He has great disappointment when he doesn't play well. It hurts him.

    Every week they hear this is such a big game. I think they're used to hearing it's a big game.

    It's not good. It has not been good at all, ... The penalties have hurt us and our lack of execution hasn't been nearly what it was a year ago. We have to get that thing going.

    We had lot of peaks and valleys. We've been fairly consistent. It's a credit to our coaches and the football team to step it up. We're in a prime position that a lot of people didn't think we would be in.

    I already said we're going to do all we can. You have to understand what the playing field is. With no extension in place, what are the dimensions of the field that we are playing on So I can't really speculate or comment further than we will, hopefully, find out what the playing field is and I will assure everyone that we will do everything we can to keep those two guys here. Once again, it is a difficult time. A lot of us are uneasy. Some of us are uneasy to start with.

    Obviously, his status is very much up in the air right now. For whatever reason, after a prolonged period of running the swelling returns. He gets the fluid taken out, he gets treatment, he looks back to normal, he resumes running and the swelling returns. Obviously, this injury has been one that has not healed.

    We'll make a tough call here in the next three or four days, ... We have a couple of days to kick the ball on the practice field. We have compiled a lot of statistics and numbers on all their kicks and we'll make that call in the next couple of days.

    It's hard to get there, hard to win it. You'd like to have three bye weeks and just be anointed Super Bowl champions. You've got a tough road. I don't care where you go or what you're schedule is. But we understand the implications of the game.

    It was a personal situation with his family, ... It was not just Anthony that was impacted by this, obviously. He's got some family members that he needs to take care of. Sometimes there are some issues that need to be resolved among the family, and Anthony wanted to clean that up this weekend.

    Thirty-one of 31. The last time I checked, that's pretty good. I think, too, having been in Europe, getting accustomed to a new holder is a process in itself. . . . And France is on a roll right now. These aren't just extra points. Some of these are bombs from 44-, 48-, 50-yard area. He's been good from all the hashes.

    He thinks every time I talk to the team I'm talking about him, and that's simply not true. Like I'm talking to one guy. Give me a break. I might be talking about some special teams guy. He can take anything I've said and try to attach his own meaning to it, but I know I was trying to win games and make it work.

    Anytime you have your starting quarterback taken away from you with a potential knee injury, you are just very concerned,

    I thought those guys battled. They did some good things. Minnesota has a very good front. They've added a great nose tackle (Pat Williams) from Buffalo. ... I thought (our offensive line) handled the noise at times pretty good. I thought we had some careless errors - a couple of penalties, particularly in the second half - but those guys deserve a lot of credit.

    Jiminy Christmas, 1989 is as long time, ... That's what we're up against. We haven't won there in forever. I don't even know where I was in 1989.

    We're trying to keep both of these guys in a situation where they don't know for sure yet, to be honest with you. Both guys have kicked the ball well. These guys are both going to be NFL kickers.

    We haven't had great continuity, but we're playing a lot of young guys. That injection of youth is something that we're excited about.

    Monte's been here and had his system in place for some time, ... It's a one-gap scheme, and they've been drafting players that fit it. We're trying to do that on offense.

    It's nice to have some continuity around here and build a team from within instead of compiling a nucleus of players from outside. That's challenging. The development, the persistence and the work ethic is going to pay off.

    We hope it can grow. We got our first glimpse of what these guys can do wire-to-wire.

    That was one of the great drives I've been associated with, ... We had a lot of young guys out there and one of the all-time quarterbacks waiting for his chance. That was a great accomplishment, especially on the road.

    If you can, you like to give yourself a little flexibility in the draft, so you're not backed into a corner. You like to have options. And, sometimes, a little roster tweaking here or there in the week or two leading up to the draft provides that for you.

    We're trying to put it together the right way. It might take us a little time. . . . But we're all the same in this business. You're only as good as your last game.

    He's a natural catcher. He has a great background returning punts in college, so obviously he has potential.

    We might have a scratchy throat, we might have something wrong with us. But if you can play, by gosh, we're going to play. Carnell Williams is that type of kid. ... If there's any way he can play, I'm convinced he would go.

    If you have Cadillac Williams on your team, you're probably not very smart if you don't give him the ball and give him opportunities. He's earned that. If he continues to do as he's doing, he'll see the ball a lot more next year than he did this year.

    There are some interesting teams in the field. The AFC appears loaded, and certainly the NFC has some great defensive clubs in this race and some offenses that can make big plays.

    We're not perfect. But we'll play hard and we'll make the corrections and our players will open their eyes and listen and do the best they can to get better next week.

    I would like to say that it's somewhat surprising that he's had this success, but we really felt that he was a great, great running back to be honest with you. I think he's proven to everybody what he's all about. He's a great running back, a tremendous competitor. He's got great poise and stamina. We're really excited, obviously.

    It is good to know, as a football player, if we get the ball back to our quarterback he can do something with it. He made a great statement today in front of a lot of people.

    I look at every mistake differently. I'm not going to say anything more publicly other than this is going to be evaluated very carefully and there's a lot of logistics nowadays in modern football that you have to abide by. But I'm very disappointed and concerned and that's about all I'll say publicly.

    The Bucs signed seven players to their practice squad Monday. All seven were in training camp with the Bucs before being released. They are linebacker Matt Grootegoed, center Scott Jackson, cornerback James Patrick, safety Kalvin Pearson, wide receiver DeAndrew Rubin, running back Derek Watson and defensive end Andrew Williams. Some of those guys were close calls, ... We're glad to have them back.

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