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    I've always felt like you want to do things to make the quarterback uncomfortable in there. But there's a line there between fooling him and fooling you. Mistakes are touchdowns, so you have to look at your people and decide what you can do, how much you can do.

    And if you've got the guy with the demeanor and the talent, I think it's the move to make. The tough thing is finding that guy with the demeanor and the talent. Just one without the other isn't going to get it done.

    I don't know if it's happening more with the emphasis on downfield contact, but you notice the guys who can do it a little more. You watch the film and the guys who can make that matchup work really can help you.

    Being a head coach in this league is something I've aspired to do ever since I became an assistant with the Titans (in 1997). I've always wanted to be the best at every level. I'm not getting impatient I'm just determined. I believe I've got a lot to offer if I get that opportunity.

    While Sherman Independent School District does have a program in place to deal with students that have dyslexia, Jeremy's parents, decided to send him to the Shelton School in Richardson for his freshman year. We wanted to get him some help while he was s

    Because if you trust that guy and he has the capabilities and puts in the work, he's going to trust you more and more. I always feel like the more suggestions I take from the players, the more film they'll watch. If they know it's an open-door policy, the

    My advice to other parents is to talk to their kids. Talk to their teachers and see what they're saying and what they're doing in schools.

    I learned a lot last year, and I'm still learning. Mike has given me a lot of responsibility. (General manager) Tom Donahoe let me go on the road to scout before the draft. He asked my opinions about players we needed. I really appreciate their faith in m

    There were a lot of things that went on that you have to take into account. But if you have the No. 2-ranked defense two years in a row, that's not a fluke.

    I've been here five years and I know the guys so I don't have to re-evaluate anything, we would just have to take off and run from there. You don't want to take steps backward, you want to take steps forward, and that's what Mr. Wilson has been doing.

    He's got a cornerback mentality, and now he has to understand to play like a safety. I know that he wants to get into the action, but I always preach to him, 'This is your job right now.' ... He's adjusting.

    If something happened to one of those front-line guys, I'm not afraid to put them in because they know what we expect. A few years ago we had to go out and get the front line guys London, Takeo and Jeff. Now we've drafted our next wave of guys. Those guys are learning from three of the best players in those positions right now.

    I don't think so. If you're a defensive coordinator and they want you, they're not going to give you permission to go somewhere else. ... So I'm pretty sure that means they're letting you go be a D coordinator elsewhere because they've got other plans here.

    The big thing about open-field tackling is you've got to have a belief that you can get it done, and they've got it. Those guys understand that the coaches are going to give them the right techniques and tools to get their job done. Then they can let their talent take care of the rest.

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