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    I was also supposed to quiz my various companions on a number of important matters such as nostalgia, fear of unknown animals, food fantasies, nocturnal emissions, hobbies, choice of radio program, changes in out look and so forth.

    Murray said, ?I don?t trust anybody?s nostalgia but my own. Nostalgia is a product of dissatisfaction and rage. It?s a settling of grievances between the present and the past. The more powerful the nostalgia, the closer you come to violence. War is the form nostalgia takes when men are hard-pressed to say something good about their country.?

    The days of the 150 pair of toddler jeans, the 1,000 high-chair and the 2,000 leather-lined stroller are upon us and manufacturers as well as retailers are accommodating. However, these consumers are also big on nostalgia, high-quality durable items that will last through multiple baby-lives, high-tech features that will make their lives easier, and high-fashion at bargain prices.

    They have no allegiance to Atlantic City whatsoever, other than nostalgia, and that doesn't pay the bills, ... The Miss America pageant has to do what it thinks best serves its interests, and if moving out of Atlantic City does, that's what it should do.

    The Names . . . have existed from all eternity these Names are designated as 'Lords' (Arbab), who often have all the appearance of hypostases though they cannot strictly be defined as such. We know them only by our knowledge of ourselves (that is the basic maxim). God describes Himself to us through ourselves. Which means that the divine Names are essentially relative to the beings who name them, since these beings discover and experience them in their own mode of being. . . . Thus the divine Names have meaning and full reality only through and for beings . . . in which they are manifested. Likewise from all eternity, these forms, substrate of the divine Names, have existed in the divine Essence (A 'yan thabita). And it is these latent individualities who from all eternity have aspired to concrete being in actu. Their aspiration is itself nothing other than the nostalgia of the divine Names yearning to be revealed. And this nostalgia of the divine Names is nothing other than the sadness of the unrevealed God, the anguish He experiences in His unknownness and occultation.

    We're not like a nostalgia act, or the normal classic rock act -- we're a really good musical organization, ... You're going to hear some blues, some jazz, a little of everything. The guys in the band are great musicians. When we play, we're there for real. It's not about posing, strutting in tights, that kind of stuff. It's all about music, and I've always respected my audience that way.

    They look forward to prom night with anticipation, and those of us who are a little older remember the event with nostalgia. Regrettably, prom night is synonymous with drinking for some people, and we urge kids attending proms to keep their night special and avoid a potential nightmare.

    I've never returned to the locations. I do remember certain days more clearly than others and certain locations with a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps one day, I'll bring my daughter to see them, if she's interested.

    One may, with Hartshorne and other rationalist philosophers, press rationality to the point of postulating certain necessary truths for which we have no conceivable alternatives. Or, like Buddhist thinkers of many periodsand like Wieman, tooone may find in the very conditions of contingency a religious significance that informs the whole quality of life as lived. Contingency embraced without any nostalgia or yearning for necessary truth yields a different quality of life than contingency assented to as necessarily so in the absence of any conceivable alternative.

    I feel like I've never had a home, you know? I feel related to the country, to this country, and yet I don't know exactly where I fit in... There's always this kind of nostalgia for a place, a place where you can reckon with yourself.

    Never would it occur to a child that a sheep, a pig, a cow or a chicken was good to eat, while, like Milton's Adam, he would eagerly make a meal off fruits, nuts, thyme, mint, peas and broad beans which penetrate further and stimulate not only the appetite but other vague and deep nostalgias. We are closer to the Vegetable Kingdom than we know is it not for man alone that mint, thyme, sage, and rosemary exhale ''crush me and eat me'' -- for us that opium poppy, coffee-berry, tea-plant and vine perfect themselves Their aim is to be absorbed by us, even if it can only be achieved by attaching themselves to roast mutton.

    I'm suspicious that what's behind the academic call for doing away with athletic scholarships is a nostalgia for the good old days, which leaves out everyone but white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, ... world's biggest cocktail party.

    They have appealed through an improved quality of store, more merchandise, bilingual orientation and paid attention to the nostalgia market with products made in Mexico.

    It was about the preciousness of that, and how they viewed those birds as art, as something valuable. I didn't care one way or another back then, but now, thinking about my grandparents -- who are still alive but getting older -- I see the birds as sort of time capsules. Now I go home during the holidays and they hold a lot of weight in terms of nostalgia and memory. Now they mean everything.

    He may not see the King's antique apparel on kids in the Hall, but he does feel a tinge of nostalgia. The amount of teens wearing the Led Zeppelin '77 tour T-shirts walking around the Rock Hall is absurd. Absurd, ... I saw them on that tour and didn't even buy a shirt. It tells you what these kids feel about music. People take music very seriously.

    We've got a lot of plans for it. We're going to remodel in the next 30 to 60 days and we're going to do everything we can to make it nicer and newer. But at the same time we plan to keep the nostalgia of the place that people know so well.

    Studios are learning that they can tap into their film libraries and reap some pretty strong profits. The DVD is where studios can have more consistent success with older audiences since there is the nostalgia factor.

    There's sort of a magic boundary line. Something has its moment, and then it's gone it becomes thrift-store trash. But then, once enough time has passed, people say 'Oh, yeah I remember those.' It used to take about 20 years, but everything is so sped up now that our sense of nostalgia has been sped up, too, so it doesn't take as long -- I'd say about 10 years.

    I believe that white frame house is worthy of more than a nod of nostalgia, because the values President Clinton learned there and in Hope formed the core of his political philosophy.

    Exhaustion cripples me, sleep has become a nostalgia, the studying, focus, awe and frustration is perpetual, day morphs to night and vice versa, I dream of law, the rules of William Strunk Jr., Calill and the smoke ball, participial phrase, the active voi

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