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(About Man, Villain)

Indifference to fate which, though it often makes a villain of a man, is the basis of his sublimity when it does not.

("Far from the Madding Crowd")

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Believe me, Lost One, Love is lovelier
The more it shapes its moans in selfish-wise.
Thomas Hardy

And blended pulsing life with lives long done,
Till Time seemed fiction, Past and Present one.
Thomas Hardy

A Troubadour-youth I rambled
With Life for lyre,
The beats of being raging
In me like fire.
Thomas Hardy

I shall do one thing in this life-one thing certain-this is, love you, and long of you, and keep wanting you till I die.
Thomas Hardy

Where once we danced, where once we sang, Gentlemen, The floors are shrunken, cobwebs hang.
Thomas Hardy

Somebody might have come along that way who would have asked him his trouble, and might have cheered him by saying that his notions were further advanced than those of his grammarian. But nobody did come, because nobody does; and under the crushing recognition of his gigantic error Jude continued to wish himself out of the world.
Thomas Hardy

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