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Where once we danced, where once we sang, Gentlemen, The floors are shrunken, cobwebs hang.

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Eustacia Vye was the raw material of a divinity. On Olympus she would have done well with a little preparation. She had the passions and instincts which make a model goddess, that is, those which make not quite a model woman.
Thomas Hardy

Believe me, Lost One, Love is lovelier
The more it shapes its moans in selfish-wise.
Thomas Hardy

Ah stirring times we live instirring times.
Thomas Hardy

Fear is the mother of foresight.
Thomas Hardy

A well proportioned mind is one which shows no particular bias one of which we may safely say that it will never cause its owner to be confined as a madman, tortured as a heretic, or crucified as a blasphemer. Also, on the other hand, that it will never cause him to be applauded as a prophet, revered as a priest, or exalted as a king. Its usual blessings are happiness and mediocrity.
Thomas Hardy

Like the British Constitution, she owes her success in practice to her inconsistencies in principle.
Thomas Hardy

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