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Somebody might have come along that way who would have asked him his trouble, and might have cheered him by saying that his notions were further advanced than those of his grammarian. But nobody did come, because nobody does; and under the crushing recognition of his gigantic error Jude continued to wish himself out of the world.

("Jude the Obscure")

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They were as sublime as the moon and stars above them, and the moon ans stars were as ardent as they.
Thomas Hardy

The instinctive act of humankind was to stand and listen, and learn how the trees on the right and the trees on the left wailed or chaunted to each other in the regular antiphonies of a cathedral choir how hedges and other shapes to leeward then caught the note, lowering it to the tenderest sob and how the hurrying gust then plunged into the south, to be heard no more.
Thomas Hardy

I agree to the conditions, Angel; because you know best what my punishment ought to be; only - only - don't make it more than I can bear!
Thomas Hardy

Stupors, however, do not last forever
Thomas Hardy

But no one came. Because no one ever does.
Thomas Hardy

Nobody had beheld the gravitation of the two into one
Thomas Hardy

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