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    You might not notice a lack of talent right away but eventually when you don't have players at the major league skill. You can't wrestle once or twice a week and have the ability to home your skills.

    I thought it would be great for WWF fans, especially Canadians, to see Bret back in some capacity.

    From a person standpoint, the old expression of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger is somewhat true.

    Obviously, we've got some time problems with doing a Pay-Per-View outside the country.

    I would dare say that most anyone in public life, if they stay in public long enough, is not treated fairly.

    It's Bret choice not to want that. I'm alright with it.

    I abhor blatant censorship. That's exactly what happened tonight. I completely understand censorship in terms of FCC regulations. I don't always agree with them, but I understand them. Of course, the FCC does not allow certain words or graphic nudity, but blatant censorship, which was executed by Spike TV, should not be tolerated. This was just as reprehensible as the flagrant violation of censorship itself.

    The one thing you cannot get from any other form of entertainment - you cannot get the rush of 20,000 people, what they give you as a performer. No actor can get that.

    There's no Hollywood outlet for this. The Rock's hooked, like all of us are.

    So I think, in as much as I applaud the Internet, it has contributed to the acceleration of what was already in decline.

    The standards are being lowered, not just on the Internet, but in all of news and media.

    I do think the standards of the media have dropped to an all-time low in terms of credibility.

    When you think about it, you should compare the World Wrestling Federation to other major entertainment companies or motion picture studios.

    Despite the way I would feel personally about someone, if it's the right business thing to do, I'll do it for our audience.

    We do have our finger on the pulse of the marketplace, if for no other reasons than having all these live events and listening to our audience all the time.

    It's difficult to do that internally, because you're flying five, six hours.

    It has been an honor to pay tribute to our troops. America damn well supports you.

    I guess maybe another gift I have is a great work ethic.

    In Europe we could do it, if we fly as soon as the event is over.

    I think there are certain business matters which we must now conduct differently than we used to.

    You can say what you want about Vince McMahon, but he was the best ... He was a genius at creating stories for the wrestlers.

    Sometimes you have to take a half step back to take two forward.

    Only a few inside people remember the Bret-McMahon incident.

    So no, I don't think we've lost our edge at all.

    One of the problems with the Internet is that a lot of times it is inaccurate.

    But other than that, no, I'm not flattered by what I read when people call me a genius and things of that nature because I'm not.

    You have some years that are very good, and some years that aren't quite as good.

    In America it's live by the sword of freedom of expression and be will to die by it as well.

    As far as sustaining our popularity, I believe we can.

    So we're living by that sword, and we're going to cut every now and then from it's backlash.

    But because our organization has grown so much and in so many different ways, the delegation process places responsibility and authority on the shoulders of people you can watch grow and watch the way they treat others.

    Some people take us a little too seriously. Those who don't get it are like, oh my God, what are they doing

    I'm not afraid of failing. I don't like to fail. I hate to fail. But I'm not afraid of it.

    I'm excited about it, thrilled with the success thus far.

    We are working with them to help the audience at large - much less our audience - find TNN.

    It's the greatest form of sports-entertainment in history, and the audience loves it for that, but at one time, this industry was lying to the public.

    I am passionate about our WWE Films division and am thrilled to announce 'The Condemned' as the third feature film on our slate. Joel and his team are going into production on an action-packed, adrenaline pumping, psychological thrill ride.

    The contributions and sacrifices of so many people in this organization through so many years have created this sensation.

    I understand the common man because I understand me in that regard at least.

    In the real world of competition, the players want to compete and they want to compete at the very highest level.

    This is a huge loss. Eddie was a wonderful, fun-loving human being. Eddie was a consummate performer.

    -- JJ is proud of what he saw in the wrestling business as he started with stars like Argentina ... All that was left was the video rights.

    That crossover of whether it's entertainment or news is the biggest crock of b.s. in television today, because it's all entertainment.

    The biggest thrill in the world is entertaining the public, there is no bigger thrill than that.

    I think that the Internet - and I do love the free flow of ideas on the 'Net - is like the wild west of the information world.

    The original Saturday Night Main Event was a pop culture phenomenon with a rich history of big moments. We promise to make the new Main Event in prime time on NBC even bigger and better.

    I have to do something with my mind, or I'll get in trouble.

    We love our fans, so there's nothing we wouldn't do for them, and we go directly to t hem.

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