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    Is enough to look at the Middle Ages, at the Inquisition and on the ultra religious societies that, through their fanaticism, make an enemy of and have to eliminate everything that goes against them. This leads to the exacerbation of dictatorial Evil, to

    I believed in the faith of faith without acknowledging his quality of being an absolute truth.

    Why, Creator must it all reach man through the lie of Knowledge as long as it is not given so that man knows it It is precisely because in order to bring to light the vanity of this world that runs towards death once it has been tainted through a sexual act How much death is there in asexual act that leads to the birth of a new life In the sexual ct we will find the birth of death that will come with the creation of the being. There is not a being that has no death because everything that exists also dies and everything that dies must have lived in order to die, as mortality has in it as much life as life has death.Where will we find in this world the gate of death if not in the gate of life, in the sexual act, as we will find the gate of life exclusively in death because only in reference to it can life still be itself with its image of destiny included.

    Only Destiny gave birth to Spirituality and nothing else, because this is also a form that reflects in the Great Void of non-Knowledge from the Mirror of Knowledge in order to keep the image of Spirituality as closest as possible to the Great Void-Being. Thus only the Spirituality is closer to the great Void-Being that is described to us through death and through the destiny of this Death which can be as tender to this ephemeral existence as he can be unforgiving to the mans Sacred Self.

    By understanding Evil just as well as Good, the human being will understand itself and with this it will disappear the self alienation of man at an individual level as at the social level.

    And I return to the coldness of this defying human nature, to the impertinence with which the losers of the Sacred Self clime to our sorts of social positions thinking that there they will find their peace, but they are completely wrong. The more they climb, the more they will be confused and miserable because happiness is a mirage of this defying world. No matter how much you gain and what social positions you would had, they are all vanity of the vanities, they are all a smoke caught in our fists or a cry embraced, because they all become immediately a normality and then a boring thus completing the misery, but especially the vanity that surrounds this world where everything is built to fall, where everything is an Illusion of our Life, where the true meaning is the nonsense, and the true Truth is precisely the Untruth. Then what is better for man Is it to kill himself

    Should I understand that love is the reverse of out life, that it is death That we live in this life in which we hope to have the chance to love, so to die Let me drink from the glass of your voluptuousness down to the depths of my being so that I can die Despite all that, I will always love you, my sweet and wild angel of the destiny of my life. Wherever I will be in this world, I will carry you in my thoughts and speak to you where no one can ever ever ever come in Now you understand, my great love, now you understand why we must talk only there and never somewhere else Because we are condemned to be soul mates that had the misfortune of recognising each other in this world of vanity. Always keep your head up in life, even when you will feel lonely because I am and I will always be with you, even when our bodies will be dust and ashes for a long time, even when the oceans will dry up and the water of life will be long drunken by the vanity of this world.

    I love you. I call you. I always seek you in my heart. Now that I found you, what else can I say, maybe the most painful adieu in my entire life, my beautiful, adored, consuming soul mate. I would like to hug you, but I know I cannot touch what is above me, above my life, above this piece of breath, and I am so alien to my self. I know you are the one that can bring me out from the alienation I am in, that you are my only truth for which I exist in this world. I also know that without you, the entire world would fall apart, but it as true that beside you, the entire world would be consumed and what remains then I also know that the ineffable destiny will always keep the doors opened as if there would be any meaning as long as no one can go out through them. This is a vanity too. It is also a vanity the fact that all the opposites attract and all the things that go in the same sense reject. Thus Good will always be attracted by Evil, and Evil by good and the good of Good will be precisely the Evil while the good of Evil what we understand through Good. The soul mates are as the pair of Good and Evil.

    Despite that, if these dreams are shadows of God reflected into knowledge, why Gods shadows are dreams Only because you can wake up from a dream and all these shadows always wake up in an infinite echo which depicts God If even Gods shadows can wake up, does it mean that God is above awakening Through Death, absolutely anything receives a connotation opposed to Life, but nevertheless, Life would never be Alive without Its Death which bestows on it its full shine, as Death wouldnt be what it is.

    Why are men so secretive, why are they afraid of the truth, sometimes even of themselves Why don't they want to admit that they would want to love with their entire being because this is everything that remains out of this vanity called Life.

    For man, the vanity of vanities represents first of all solidarity with his own universe, and this vanity is mans Salvation, the way through which he will defeat himself and defeat with it the entire universe which will become a mere appendix of his Sacred Self. Then when and to whom will the man pray But why does he have to pray What made God pray in the first place Fear Anguish Misery Pain A bit of all of this, this meant a lot. But when man will find his Sacred Self, he will be a strong Man, without fear, anguish, pain, anxiety. It is true, but then man will pray more than ever. Why Precisely because he will be stronger than ever, by being solidary to the universe, to the divinity of which he is a part. It is this solidarity that will make him pray to his own saving vanity To pray to his Sacred Self, so that he will never forget the existence of this saving vanity of vanities, that will take him in the lost paradise of his own thoughts The prayer will be nothing else than mans solidarity through vanity. And vanity will be this prayer that will never leave the man It was, it is and it will be mans destiny If man did not pray, even on subconscious level, he would lose his self vanity, which will set his Sacred Self free.

    It is not possible to create a perfect society for an imperfect man. Even if we transhipped the present man to a society where the Sacred Self has been found again, this man would be neither happy, nor fulfilled in such a society because he IS NOT read for it. For him, the perfect society is under no circumstance communism, but capitalism, being a man that dream that he can be rich too someday, that what he will gather will create a capital, a man for who cheating, lying and stealing are a part of the every day life, and if we chase them away, we would chase the man from himself. This is the man nowadays and this is why the capitalist system is the only system in which, even if he feels frustrated and anguished, he deems himself free of himself, even if he is not free at all

    But what can be more resembling to Life than Death Nothing And yet, they both obey a destiny which is a shadow of God, as we are too, except that this shadow can no longer be defined as an opposite to the other two, but as destiny, because we cannot think above a bivalent logic. Otherwise, Destiny too would be one of the opposites of Life or Death, because he too, just as the other two is a shadow of God, with the only difference that its a shadow that can be sighted through a superior logic.

    The societies of the futures, always searching for salves, will be so greedy to have this capital which is the man, that they will find all sorts of dirty ways to religiously or culturally brutify him and even severely punishing him if he would chose suicide or the ideology that shows the true path of salvation of the mankind through itself. Precisely because they will understand that the Man is the World and the World is the Man This aphorism will be the one that will be in the foreground on the backgrounds tainted by all these murders of the money of this society which will be the antechamber of the society of the Sacred Self.

    The Being as an opposite of the Void is defined as Knowledge opposed to the non-Knowledge and this way it is a non-Knowledge which receives the meaning of Knowledge precisely because it has the possibility to reflect the only thing that is true in its Self, namely non-Knowledge

    This is when Money will be dethroned Only when there will not be many people left, when most of them will save themselves through suicide ad those who remained did it for the spiritual, sacerdotal society of the Sacred Self, for the society in which their life will consist of finding the Self Balance; This is the future of mankind and if this is so, is it not suicide the way to the absolute, the absolute within us The true religion of the human being must be the one that excludes the fear of death Only such a religion can still save the Man. Nothing else will do it, because the only salvation of the Man is Suicide. In what do you see beauty Is it in the nature of this world or in the divine nature of this world It is in the divine nature of this world because the nature of this world can be awful through its natural or spiritual calamities, earthquakes or floods, wars or other types of cataclysms.

    Blessed is he who believes in the illusion because thus he can find his great truth

    And when we will finally understand all this we will know how to see our God that is our Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one. Then we will realize that in fact, the Accidental Occurrence through which it left its print in our world was not an occurrence of suffering nor of loss of hope that the existence of this world that we have long wished it did not exist any more gave us, but that print was a print that asked only one thing of us, those who think through the Logical Coefficient 2, namely to understand the miracle of the fact that we exist, that we can sense poetry, nature, the colours of autumn, the sound of rivers, and woods, of the waves, and they are neither mistakes nor sadness. For us, who think through the logical Coefficient 2, because for others in the worlds with other Logical Coefficients, the Accidental Occurrence was in its eternity something else. But for us, it was sadness because some colour of sadness was necessary, not only of happiness, or disappointment or fulfilment, of hope and unfufilment, of success and hard work and other colours to paint this wonderful painting that is the nature of this world.

    If we didnt know the notion of past, we wouldnt know that of future either et despite all that we swim into the waves of the present without knowing if it really exists and how long it lasts. A second, a fraction of it, or it does not really exist the future becoming instantaneously past.

    Only when the man of the Sacred Self will look astounded at how awful his Destiny and that of the mankind would have been if it were not for the vanity, he will find out that nothing can be truly known, that the only true knowledge is finding out that everything is non-knowledge. The inexistence of the vanity would have been probably the worst crime of the divinity, because vanity is the mans priciest asset, because it is his meaning, his true pathWhat would have happened if this path had lead to anything else and not to vanity What would have happened if this path, this meaning of man, would have knocked on a certain door of destiny, on whose address was no longer written Vanity Man would have not been free anymore he would have been the slave of his own eternal meaning. The man would have been dominated by the divinity of the meaning because every meaning of man finally leads to its divinity. In any case, the man was sentenced to be a salve forever.

    This will be the true sacerdotal human being that will look in the distance of the space of the universe as the ages of billions and billions of years, long before the age when man was enslaved collapse on him by slowly making disappear the lights in which the life of a certain star, that could be the star of his Destiny is still wavering. Through the vanity of his own Universe, man will find his true meaning that of being equal to the Universe, to not be the one that is kneeled and enslaved to its laws. Through vanity, man will feel stronger because he will realize that he is not alone in this vanity. That he does not owe any divinity and that he is as strong as any divinity in this vanity. Then vanity will become church and shield, beauty and fulfilment.

    The path of the human happiness consists of the supreme attributes of Love, which are Holiness, Faith and Religion. It requires a great deal of attention though so that they are not distorted again through all sorts of cunning intervention that will try to institutionalize them again and with it proclaim a new Original Sin.

    Why hasnt he cast God by reprehending him as he should have done for this misery of existence in which he was left without any blame

    Wars will be increasingly more hypocrite, they will pass from the classical battle field to informatics systems counting new eases to be built or that are already built in secret, where there will be rockets with increasingly greater destruction potential.All this are a part of the future and of the present of mankind, precisely because no nation wants to be trampled by those who rule mankind leading it to an increasing misery. In a world where many do not even know what to do with so much luxury and fortune, people are starving or dying on the streets, some even on the steps of the churches that promise them a better life in heavens, omitting to say that the earthly one may be improved if precisely the churches did not support the world order that is so unfair and makes so many victims nowadays.

    And we will feel that no question has a point because it is more than untrue. We will feel that the Absolute Truth will no longer have to be said and not even sighed by no divinity or Creating Factor and Unique Accidental one because it lies in the divinity is us that cannot be known, nor referenced to something, but only felt.

    Precisely this vanity of vanities which is the mans dream, the Illusion of his Life is the one that finally gives the man the Self Freedom because of the fact that he can be compared to any star, to anything there is in this universe, eve to Universe itself, because they are all born and die, they will al be dust and afterwards Void and Being and other elements, they are all a great vanity, not just the Illusion of Life which man lives on this Earth.

    We all want Great Love because this is how we are built. We so often use this expression of the soul mates. We all want it to be true because, when we truly find our soul mates, we all want to end forever this continuous torment which is our own existence. Every time, the result is cruel and precise. The torment of our life will never end as long as we live.

    This is why man creates his own universes when he Knows them, and these universes can never be prior to man because they are mere images of the vanity of vanities that will make whole mans thirst of solidarity with the Infinite, the Absolute and the Plenitude dusted by so much stardust of its own illusory image of life. To claim that Mans God is independent of him is a fiction, because this God is a God of the mans Illusion of Life because it cannot be any other way, because this the only way in which man can determine and recognize it, because only this way can this God exist.

    If nothing is mirrored in Knowledge, then it does NOT exist.

    By loving, the man becomes saint and thus he becomes Destiny

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