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    All the boys were grown up and done for by this time; so it is scarcely worth while saying anything more about them. You may see the twins and Nibs and Curly any day going to an office, each carrying a little bag and an umbrella. Michael is an engine driver. Slightly married a lady of title, and so he became a lord. You see that judge in a wig coming out at the iron door? That used to be Tootles. The bearded man who doesn't know any story to tell his children was once John.

    I was much distressed by next door people who had twin babies and played the violin; but one of the twins died, and the other has eaten the fiddle, so all is peace.

    Owner Red McCombs has a track record for dumping teams -- he owned both the NBA's Spurs and Nuggets at various times -- and his stadium situation just isn't going to get resolved in the Twin Cities. Even some of his fellow owners have him No. 1 on the relocation list. I think Red might sell, ... He's been known to sell before.

    Do not give the terrorists, the enemy combatants, the people who blow up folks at weddings, who fly airplanes into the twin towers, the ability to sue our own troops all over the country for any and everything.

    I think things are more confused now than in several years, and I think the reason is that the governor is vacillating on it. He's all for it, but he's not doing anything about it. I am certain that his behavior is at the center of the Twins' frustration.

    This is a sad day for the Minnesota Twins, Major League Baseball and baseball fans everywhere. I loved Kirby deeply. A tremendous teammate, Kirby will always be remembered for his never-ending hustle, infectious personality, trademark smile and commitment to the community.

    You've just got to keep playing hard. You have to remember that you are not just playing for the Twins. There are other teams out there. If anybody needs a shortstop they are going to come knocking on the door. So, you just have to be ready at all times.

    The goal of Kremlin strategists appears to be a weak coalition government in Ukraine that will be more vulnerable to Russian economic pressure. One twin is looking to Moscow, the other to Washington. And they can't separate.

    National Quarries is threatening the very nature of the rural and equestrian character that has been preserved in Twin Oaks Valley for decades. National Quarries has not been a good neighbor, and I'm putting that lightly.

    Continuation of the progress made last year both on and off the park is our aim. I am delighted we have safely qualified for the group stage of the Champions League. Participation in the UEFA Cup group stage last season was welcome, but does not provide the club with the same level of income as the Champions League can guarantee. Regular and prolonged European football is a key target for everyone at the club, as this has the twin impact of improving financial performance and meeting the sporting aspirations we have for our club.

    I remember facing him on opening day in 1987. It was Oakland at the Minnesota Twins, the first time I got him out on a breaking ball down-and-in and next at bat he hit the same pitch for a home run. I was telling my kids that story yesterday.

    He didn't apply here for college, but I'm sure he could've come here as well. We're pretty close, but sometimes it's nice to get away. When you're a twin it kind of defines you as a person. It's been a good experience for the both of us to see what it's like not to be a twin for a while.

    He just needs a third pitch. Here's a guy who the Twins were asking for in a big-league trade two years ago. So I look for good things from him.

    Housing sales in the Twin Cities during January performed as expected. Our economists have predicted a moderate slowdown of the real estate market this year. However, many agents in the field have spoken in recent weeks of increased business activity, so we are eager to see how the month of February turns out.

    It's becoming a day-to-day struggle between bears and bulls. Once oil and yields move to highs, the bears take advantage. Those are the twin dreadnoughts of the market. But earnings news has been strong and has kept bulls on top.

    Once they started to make shots, we started pressing and we weren't staying with our concepts offensively, we got away from that. We called a couple timeouts and tried to tell them to stay with what got them here. It didn't matter, Twin Falls was amazing.

    They hold each other to extremely high standards. Jack, being the youngest, probably has to live up to the highest standards. The twins have set a standard and Jack wants to lay his own. He wants to go above and beyond what the twins have accomplished.

    Twelve years ago me and Allanah became really sick of writing pop songs, ... Eventually we dug a grave for the Thompson Twins, pushed them in there, and then moved to New Zealand. Before that I'd lived for a long time in south London where reggae was the music of the streets around me. You'd hear it booming out of people's windows and shops, and you could buy great old reggae singles for 50p (NZ1.30) in second hand shops. I'd always loved that sound, so soon after we got here I started making electronic dub records with my mate Rakai Karaitiana as International Observer.

    We took a lot of criticism for drafting Hakeem when we already had Ralph. But we were excited about the Twin Towers concept. We were pretty sure it could work, and once it did, everybody around the league tried to copy it.

    It happened five months apart almost to the day. For fraternal twins to both get this cancer is very rare. As I understand it, it is the first time fraternal twins were treated for cancer at the same time at Texas Children's Cancer Center (at Texas Children's Hospital.

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