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    Gu was a worrier, a neurotic curmudgeon. If he had a headache, it was a brain tumor; if it looked like rain, this year's harvest was ruined. This was his way of controlling the situation, his lifelong strategy for always coming out ahead. Now, when reality looked more dire than any of his fatalisitic predictions, he had no choice but to turn tail and charge in the opposite direction.

    The prediction is for a real shortage in those trades - carpenters and plumbers especially - because of the age of those workers. Within 10 years, there will be a huge retirement in the skilled labor ranks.

    I don't like to make predictions. Last year we had no idea where we were going to fall. This season, everybody (in Division III) lost somebody, but everybody also has some solid people coming back.

    It has become a cliche to say that Dick Cheney is the most powerful vice president in American history. Nonetheless, here is a prediction When the historians really get digging into the paper entrails of the Bush administration -- or possibly when Scooter Libby goes on trial -- those who have intoned that phrase will still be astonished at the extent to which the Office of Vice President Dick Cheney was the center of power inside the White House -- and at the grip it had on foreign and defense policy.

    If you look at the growth in Chinese travel, the predictions of 2,600 aircraft over 20 years is reasonable. It's not just growth, it's replacement.

    We think the concern is well-founded, and that's not based on a prediction that inflation will be higher in the future, but we find that the impact of inflation is often underestimated in the planning process. Small numbers have a big impact over longer-term horizons.

    In scientific thought we adopt the simplest theory which will explain all the facts under consideration and enable us to predict new facts of the same kind. The catch in this criterion lies in the world 'simplest.' It is really an aesthetic canon such as we find implicit in our criticisms of poetry or painting. The layman finds such a law as dxdt K(d2xdy2) much less simple than 'it oozes,' of which it is the mathematical statement. The physicist reverses this judgment, and his statement is certainly the more fruitful of the two, so far as prediction is concerned. It is, however, a statement about something very unfamiliar to the plain man, namely, the rate of change of a rate of change.

    It leads one to wonder how reliable the projections and guidance from management are. Here, it was a positive incident in that the reality came in better than the projection. But let's say the opposite were true and reality came in well under predictions. People would be more upset.

    I think probably reports 2007 will be alright. It is a stout budget, but in 2008 we're going to have to slow that increased growth down a little bit. Maybe cut it back to half of what they did this year or maybe even more. But with this pace going, that's not too bad. The predictions are the fiscal year 2008 won't be this good a year. Not a bad, but won't be this year.

    What makes evolution a scientific explanation is that it makes testable predictions, ... You only believe theories when they make non-obvious predictions that are confirmed by scientific evidence.

    I will never, ever make a prediction with any Southwestern Conference team this year. Every time I think that I might have a read on a game, you can just throw it out the window. If you can predict a game after all the stuff that's happened so far . . . Good luck.

    We're only three days in, and it's certainly very nice weather, which is good. But it's a little early to make any kind of predictions as to what kind of a snow year we might have.

    It is another indication that the predictions of high casualty levels that were mocked before the invasion have come to pass. The US numbers fluctuate, but they are still quite high. Iraqi security force casualties are higher than any time. The silver lining means the Iraqis are fighting the insurgency more, but the security trends don't show much reason for positive sentiment.

    Contrary to popular accounts, very few scientists in the world - possibly none - have a sufficiently thorough, "big picture" understanding of the climate system to be relied upon for a prediction of the magnitude of global warming. To the public, we all might seem like experts, but the vast majority of us work on only a small portion of the problem.

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