Coincidence Quotes (148 Quotes)

    Everybody who says the same words is the same person if the spectra are the same only they happen differently in time, you dig? But the time is arbitrary. You pick your zero point anywhere you want, that way you can shuffle each person's time line sideways till they all coincide.

    In reality the world is made of thousands of groups of about five hundred people, all of whom will spend their lives bumping into each other, trying to avoid each other, and discovering each other in the same unlikely teashop in Vancouver. There is an unavoidability to this process. It's not even coincidence. It's just the way the world works, with no regard for individuals or propriety.

    The Heart of Gold fled on silently through the night of space, now on conventional photon drive. Its crew of four were ill as ease knowing that they had been brought together not of their own volition or by simple coincidence, but by some curious perversion of physics- as if relationships between people were susceptible to the same laws that governed the relationships between atoms and molecules

    I let one thing result from another. Of course, all of it could have been just loosely connected coincidences. And whether that's true or not, I know the intention was there. Becasue when I want something to happen-or not happen- I begin to look at all events and all things as relevant, an opportunity to take or avoid.

    I believe there are enough grounds to think they might turn out to be true. I don't know, but there are definitely so many things, so many strange coincidences, so many things have happened that shouldn't have happened that there are enough grounds to believe that something is wrong here. Very, very wrong.

    What irritates me is the bland way people go around saying, 'Oh, our attitude has changed. We don't dislike these people any more.' But by the strangest coincidence, they haven't taken away the injustice; the laws are still on the books.

    I think it may be just coincidence, I don't know. I put up a lot of shots, and I think that I have a good chance to make every one. It just happened that I made the ones (that were huge). I just hope I've got a few of those left.

    Tax Day and National Humor Month are both in April. Coincidence I think not. People deserve a good laugh when they've finished their taxes, and movies are a great way for taxpayers to take a break after crunching numbers.

    It's a city in which all forms of eccentricity were not just tolerated but always welcomed. There is no way to shock people in New Orleans. Tennessee Williams found a home there, and it's no coincidence.

    One of the advantages, one of the special things, about playing in Detroit or Montreal is guys like Gordie Howe walk in the room. I didn't know he was here tonight, it was kind of a coincidence to get that assist on a night that he's here.

    That the win came only days after the Ryder Cup announcement was not a coincidence. Being a captain's pick is a huge honor, and I was very flattered by that, ... but once the Ryder Cup race was over at the PGA, I felt as if there was a burden lifted and I was able to focus on what was at hand this week.

    It is an interesting coincidence. I guess I am following in his footsteps, ... 'Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio A nation turns its lonely eyes to you' I'll tell people my name and they don't get it.

    Is it a coincidence that the repairs on this tire were made where the tire split apart This is not a coincidence. The tire industry has been condemned here. . . . The tire was coming apart where the puncture repairs had been made.

    This play John Drinkwater's Abraham Lincoln holds the season's record, thus far, with a run of four evening performances and one matinee. By an odd coincidence, it ran just five performances too many.

    Two babies were born on the same day at the same hospital. They lay there and looked at each other. Their families came and took them away. Eighty years later, by a bizarre coincidence, they lay in the same hospital, on their deathbeds, next to each other. One of them looked at the other and said, 'So. What did you think'

    Oftentimes somebody makes a traffic stop and the test subject is not going to be compliant, so a lot of time we don't see clear results. Here we can control it. We have controlled test subjects. We can give them tests, so we know what their blood-alcohol content is and then have the officers test them to see if it coincides.

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