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Plans are one thing and fate another. When they coincide, success results. Yet success mustn't be considered the absolute. It is questionable, for that matter, whether success is an adequate resposne to life. Success can eliminate as many options as failure.

("Even Cowgirls Get the Blues")

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Only the young and the beautiful should be allowed to fuck.
Tom Robbins

Leave it to a naive world-saver like you to view our love as a Sacred Cause when in actual fact all it was was some barking at the moon.
Tom Robbins

I mean that gods do not limit men. Men limit men.
Tom Robbins

Equality is not in regarding different things similarly, equality is in regarding different things differently.
Tom Robbins

What looks to be a wisp of cloud is actually the moon, narrow and pale like a paring snipped from a snowman's toenail.
Tom Robbins

There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, and nothing worth killing for.
Tom Robbins

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