Anna Chlumsky Quotes (5 Quotes)

    I love... anything in black and white. Just put it on the TV, I'll watch.

    Kissing Macaulay Culkin was like kissing a brother. It was really no big deal.

    I don't let it bother me too much if someone doesn't like me. I just figure there's no accounting for taste. It's not me, it's my acting. It's like if someone doesn't like someone's food, they just don't like my acting.

    I really don't like to do back-to-back movies. I concentrate on things at home. My family and school life are important to me. I try to do one movie a year.

    Right now I'm just thinking about school and trying to get those grades and keep them up! In case I become a Norma Desmond when I grow up, I can have something to fall back on!

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