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    It's a required part of your film history to know who Woody is. His movies are so wonderful, and not just funny but so insightful about human behavior.

    I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that.

    Mostly, I was thinking, 'Oh, my God. This is happening on live TV'.

    I don't go to McDonald's anymore. After I saw Super Size Me... no way!

    Well, I think a lot of people shop online and I think it makes the products more available. And hopefully it'll make a huge difference in how much money we raise.

    I said, 'Women don't normally sleep in a bra. I can't wake up in this scene wearing a bra, it's ridiculous,'

    I'm from New York so I feel very at home in London. It's like a metropolitan breeding ground for culture, art and diversity. I was very moved by how accepted I was there. There was definitely less need to wear my big sunglasses.

    I hope they make a video game of me. At least I wouldn't have any cellulite then.

    I'm so tired of hearing casting directors ask if I have a sore throat. The people who have told me that my voice is distinctive, it's unusual, those people have always been close to my heart

    He just really rarely requires that his actors go to the gym, which was a plus for me. And I didn't have to hang from a 50-foot building.

    It was definitely in poor taste. I'd been prepping for two hours with hair and makeup and getting dressed. And the first interview I do, someone who I have never met before fondles me for his own satisfaction.

    I think it was a very flirtatious scene and also having Jonathan to act opposite, who is such a very talented actor, removes all the 'cheese factor' that might be possible.

    If you're comfortable with yourself, then it's sexy. Maybe people think I look sexy because I feel sexy. I am a very liberated person that way. I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, my body, my face - well, sometimes I'm not comfortable with my face, but it's stuck there and there's nothing I can do about it.

    LA's a very hard place to be unless you have people there that love you. It can be very, very lonely, and it can eat you up if you don't take care of yourself. In LA, nobody wants to talk to each other, everybody's giving each other catty looks.

    I just adored working with Woody. He was more than I could have ever dreamed of. I'd do it a million times over.

    I've never had sex with Benicio Del Toro in a lift. It was a sarcastic quote that I unfortunately gave to a journalist. I said 'Apparently, Benicio Del Toro and I had sex in an elevator. He printed it, then all the tabloids took out the word 'apparently'. I'll be answering that question for the rest of my life.

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