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    Of course it was Mamma who both stopped my career and crystallized my determination to resume it.

    Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you.

    I'd thought of myself as a great big motion picture star from the time I was 6.

    A woman who's that sold on personal comfort is bound to be sloppy, too, in her personal relationships.

    A face that is really lovely in repose can fall apart if, when its owner stars to talk, she distorts every feature.

    There is no personal achievement in being born beautiful.

    Fashion should not be expected to serve in the stead of courage or character.

    If you have enthusiasm, you have a very dynamic, effective companion to travel with you on the road to Somewhere.

    I couldn't bear it if anyone knew I had hardly any self-confidence at all.

    A pleasant voice, which has to include clear enunciation, is not only attractive to those who hear it... its appeal is permanent.

    Your hands, your eyes, your voice, your thoughts are your servants.

    A charming woman... doesn't follow the crowd. She is herself.

    Glamour is something no woman can be born with. It's not a gift at all. It's more of a concoction than anything else.

    The split second she ceases to care is the only time a woman ceases to be attractive.

    Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners.

    Everything worthwhile, everything of any value, has its price. Everything anyone has ever wanted has come neatly wrapped up in its penalties.

    I think teenage impatience is just plain human nature I think every generation has to cope with different circumstances, different problems. But it's the world that's changed. Human nature hasn't.

    I believe in the efficacy of prayer and I have a deep and sorrowful sympathy for one who is without faith. I believe our Father answers every prayer-all prayers-with His matchless, inscrutable wisdom, with infinite compassion and with love.

    I've always been scared to death of pain - afraid, even, to think of it.

    I know elderly people who have so lived in their long lives. Today, they find great pleasure in each and every day.

    Neither sheep nor mavericks will ever get to the head of the class. Ignorance is forgivable, unorthodoxy is tolerated. Bad taste and expulsion are synonymous.

    I learned you have to fight for yourself in the picture business.

    Certainly tears are given to us to use. Like all good gifts, they should be used properly.

    I'm grateful to God for His bountiful gifts... He gave me courage and faith in myself.

    As an actress, emotions are my business, my stock-in-trade. As such, I've dealt with them nearly all my life.

    At the beginning of World War II, a fine young actor placed his whole career-work, money, popularity-on the altar of what he believed... Our country was at war. Very few cared what he said. He was accused, judged, vilified.

    If you want a place in the sun, you have to expect a few blisters.

    Unless some misfortune has made it impossible, everyone can have good posture.

    We can't have everything It took a lot of growing up for me to realize this unalterable fact and to discipline myself into accepting it.

    I was as impatient about finding my dream man as I was about everything else I wanted.

    I was not quite 4 when Mamma moved all of us and all our worldly goods to Hollywood.

    In common with many others in the varied branches of our profession, my academic education is subnormal.

    In silence - and in self-defense - I figured things out in my own little way.

    When I left 20th Century-Fox to freelance, my agent believed that getting big money was the way to establish real importance in our industry.

    I have a full, rich respect for fashion. I love its whimsy, its humor, its charm and its rewards. I love its vagaries and its demands. I love what it does for women. But I know, with all my heart, that no woman should follow it blindly.

    Giving credit where credit is due is a very rewarding habit to form. Its rewards are inestimable.

    Listening is more than just a very rewarding habit. After awhile you discover what a world of information you can gain from hearing what others say, and If you're interested, you're interesting. All the most popular people are good listeners.

    In my dreams, I could be a Princess, and that's what I was. Like most little girls, I believed nothing less than a Prince could make my dreams come true.

    I want no part of making any contribution whatsoever to the despair which eventually follows downbeat thinking.

    I believe that prayer is our powerful contact with the greatest force in the universe.

    Just after I entered my teens I suddenly entertained an insatiable enthusiasm for the delightful habit of criticizing others.

    I think making mistakes is as inevitable as receiving disappointments.

    I was deaf and dumb and blind to all but me, myself and I.

    The fashion-wise woman doesn't run herself frantic trying to keep up with the latest rage, fad or craze.

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