Quotes about sahara (15 Quotes)

    As a kid when I was growing up, I remember vividly being on the roof of my family's station wagon, and across the street was the Sahara Desert. I always wanted to see other places and learn about how other people lived. I began to travel and saw different cultures even within America.

    They have a book of locations, and we would do a story about the Sahara Desert for instance, and in the California book you would find a comparable location, to match that location in California.

    It is in fact agreed that I am the plague, the cholera of the benevolent and generous men who are interested in art and that, when I show myself with my plasters, even the Emperor of the Sahara would flee.

    All slots belong to the Airports Authority of India and the authority on needs of a public service allocate these slots and that also goes for parking bays. The question is whether this could be traded by Sahara or not that is something we will look at.

    It was at the Sahara. Ang hadn't yet cashed my check when we walked up to the craps table together. He had 40 bucks in his pocket when he picked up the dice. Forty-five minutes later, he was still the shooter and I had made 14,000. Angelo was 25,000 ahead. 'Give me the money,' I said. 'For once in your life, you're not going to blow it.' 'Can I pay my debts' he asked. 'Of course.' He had 9,000 worth of debts. He asked, 'Can I send my mother 3,000' I said, 'That's very admirable.' There was 13,000 left. I put it in a little trust fund. 'To get at it,' I told him, 'you're going to have to convince my wife you need it.' It took him less than six months to talk her out of every cent. That was Angelo.

    When you're doing a deal with someone in the southern Sahara, it's a very different way of doing business than in London. You can't sign them in the usual way because they'd end up getting ripped off, which would defeat the object of setting up a label like this.

    You can make these things for cheap. This one cost 35 million. You make 70 million on 'The Wedding Planner,' you're dancing in the streets. You make 70 million on 'Sahara' (which cost 130 million), you're not dancing in the streets.

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