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    Simply put, it works. The Exxon Mobil culture is something that a lot of people would like to understand better. I'm not really going to help them understand it, because it's the source of our competitive advantage.

    There are some high-profile upgrades this morning, and Exxon Mobil and Intel are certainly helping the market. Adobe earnings, the current account number coming almost in line, and the moderation in oil prices will be a positive on the market.

    When you have competing companies that are engaging in the raising of prices in lock step with each other, you have to question whether or not this in coincidence or price fixing. With the merger of Exxon and Mobil and Chevron and Texaco, we have very little competition among the energy companies.

    We continue to see Exxon Mobil as the benchmark for operational performance in the sector. On ROCE (return on capital employed), Exxon Mobil continues to lead the industry and we see this leadership sustained through our forecast period through 2009.

    The Exxon Mobil chairman just said at a conference today that oil prices are basically reflecting the global political climate more than supply and demand fundamentals.

    The speaker is very concerned about compensation packages given to executives like Raymond at a time when families are facing choices between putting food on the table and filling their car with gasoline. We met with Exxon Mobil and several companies last fall, and it seems that the message hasn't gotten through.

    I think it and the others will benefit as we see higher profits from the refining segment as well as from the oil production segment of their business. At Edward Jones, we're long-term investors, so we actually don't set target prices. But I think definitely the stock has room to rise. And I think the merger with Mobil ( MOB ) will in fact provide a bump in the stock price later this year.

    The Bush administration said today there is a lot of support for us to attack Iraq. Exxon, Mobil, Texaco, Chevron, they're all lining up.

    We were given an unrealistic time frame in which to participate. Exxon Mobil was asked to participate in this hearing with four business days notice. ... We could not make participation work with such short notice.

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