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    People are already reeling from high prices at the gas pump. I think they're going to be reeling even more from higher heating costs.

    His speech was really focused on real estate. But then again if his comments cause some money to come out of the housing market and some money to come out of the credit market, where does it go It probably goes into the equity market.

    There are some high-profile upgrades this morning, and Exxon Mobil and Intel are certainly helping the market. Adobe earnings, the current account number coming almost in line, and the moderation in oil prices will be a positive on the market.

    It's tax loss selling. I haven't heard of anything else.

    There are a lot of investors we find who are hanging on to technology stocks with the hope that they're going to rebound, and that's still a very dangerous thing. We really need the capitulation of those investors. So we still could see more downside on the Nasdaq and in technology.

    When a company selling at this valuation and is this much of a Wall Street darling, and what we call a cult stock, misses earnings to the degree it missed here, the stock is really going to be hurt by it.

    Regardless of the outcome of this case, today's ruling is going to mean a market share loss for Blackberry and a gain for Palm.

    Clearly Delphi is under pressure here, and their threat (of bankruptcy) is a real threat. Their first order of business is to try to renegotiate some of those (union) deals and terms to ensure the viability of the U.S. business.

    Its valuation means it's priced for perfection and perfection was not delivered this quarter.

    This lends a positive tone to tomorrow's opening, as well as crude being down significantly today.

    We might expect some initial weakness, but the markets have gotten used to the idea that terrorism is going to be with us for a certain amount of time, and the war on terrorism is going to take many years to win.

    The tobacco lawsuit being settled -- that's obviously impacting tobacco stocks.

    I think there is a growing perception that the next move by the Fed could actually be to ease -- in other words, lower rates. Now, we're not going to see that certainly before the election, but we could see it late this year, early next year. I think as that perception might spread through the markets and become the consensus, we could actually see a rally in technology stocks,

    Big positive surprise, especially in the face of the spike in oil prices in August. The guidance to a higher number for the year just shows that the core business is extremely strong and the company is confident that it continues to strengthen for the rest of the year.

    They are spending heavily to encourage future growth. They've got a lot of competition. Their competitive edge is their brand name and shopping experience.

    Delphi is weighing on the whole automotive industry. More people want to move money out of that sector, and the situation is not going to get better any time soon.

    The stock market is a forward-looking beast, and that's why we are seeing futures dip lower even amid some very strong reports, such as the ones from financial institutions.

    GE's businesses are benefiting from the economic environment both domestically and internationally. But revenue did fall slightly below Wall Street's expectations, which is a bit of a disappointment.

    The focus is always on retailers on Black Friday, and early speculation is that concerns about early retail spending are overblown and that we're going to see a reasonable holiday season.

    If you're a day trader and you can stomach market volatility on a day-to-day basis, ... and want to play that momentum, stick with technology and biotechnology. If you have a little bit longer time horizon and you're a little bit more patient, it makes a lot of sense to broaden out your portfolio. Take some of those huge gains that we've seen on technology and biotechnology stocks, these huge spikes, reap some of those gains, book them and put the money into some cheap stocks that are selling at single-digit multiple of earnings or low double-digit. There are a lot of cheap inexpensive stocks out there.

    This is a company where management is still committed to spending earnings to stimulate future growth and market share. You are betting with management that their efforts are going to pay off. Is there any guarantee No.

    This should lead to a positive tone to the start of the market today and to the outlook for industrial earnings.

    While it's certainly an industry issue, we believe Ericsson is having a hard time competing in networks against competition. That appears to have led to a major shake up at the top,

    The drop in oil prices is definitely positive for stocks. It takes some of the pressure off the markets, even if it is only for a short period of time.

    Companies are beginning to warn investors that despite this quarter's solid results, what comes ahead will not be so stellar,

    The Fed statement was clear about the likelihood of further rate increases. That outlook, combined with Dell's warning, was enough to damp demand for stocks today.

    There has been very much a sea change of investor opinion here. We've gone from a period where the Fed was simply moderating growth to a period where the Fed is trying to restrain growth or even depress growth.

    It's taken a while to generate the real increase in trash levels that these companies benefit from. That's what we're finally seeing flow through here.

    It will strengthen two companies that aren't particularly strong. The industry needs that consolidation to make them stronger against competing technologies.

    Techs have been underperformers during the month of December, especially the second half, so I think we're seeing some bargain hunting within technology.

    The jump in oil prices lifted shares in the whole energy sector. And we also had very strong confidence numbers, which helped support the rest of the market.

    Even though this was a well-anticipated reversal... the market still has reacted positively to the ruling in pushing up tobacco stocks, because this removes yet another legal impediment to the survival of the industry.

    This is essentially re-creating the old ATT. But in this environment, the industry has been so weakened, with so many competing technologies, it's a very, very different world now.

    The results were very impressive, especially given the market environment, ... Clearly the trading business made the quarter, helped by Spear Leeds, which obviously distorted it a little bit.

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