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Wally Lamb Quotes on Mind (3 Quotes)

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  • I walked over and looked closer at the statue of the goddess. She was wearing a headdress with a skull and a cobra and a crescent moon. Maybe this is what peace of mind was all about: having a poisonous snake on your head and smiling anyway.
    (Wally Lamb, "I Know This Much is True")

  • He's splitting me open, I thought. He'll break me and then I'll die.
    (Wally Lamb, "She's Come Undone")

  • That time we separated was my idea. I thought, well, I'm fifty years old and there might be someone else out there. People waste their happiness - that's what makes me sad. Everyone's so scared to be happy.
    (Wally Lamb, "She's Come Undone")

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