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Virginia Woolf Quotes on Religions & Spirituality (4 Quotes)

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  • Love and religion! thought Clarissa, going back into the drawing room, tingling all over. How detestable, how detestable they are!
    (Virginia Woolf, "Mrs. Dalloway")

  • She thought there were no Gods; no one was to blame; and so she evolved this atheist's religion of doing good for the sake of goodness.
    (Virginia Woolf, "Mrs. Dalloway")

  • Nothing, however, can be more arrogant, though nothing is commoner than to assume that of Gods there is only one, and of religions none but the speaker's.
    (Virginia Woolf, "Orlando")

  • For such will be our ruin if you, in the immensity of your public abstractions, forget the private figure, or if we in the intensity of our private emotions forget the public world. Both houses will be ruined, the public and the private, the material and the spiritual, for they are inseparably connected.
    (Virginia Woolf)

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