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    It's hard for me to compete against Vijay if Vijay just plays well, because obviously he plays nine or 10 more events than I do per year, ... What I can do is have a higher money total per event played, and try to get the number of victories higher than anyone else on tour. If you can do that, then you've had a very good year.

    That's the biggest difference, that I'm hitting it so much farther and harder. My putting is just as good, but it's been sporadic this year, which is interesting. I normally don't putt that way. This year is one of those weird years where I either putt great or I don't putt well at all.

    You look down that list, you can't really say that guy was a chop ball-striker. You have to hit every single golf shot. Plus, this golf course, you have to manage your game so well. The majority of the winners who have come through here are major championship winners.

    I had to play a great shot out of the trees and give myself a putt, which I didn't do, ... I tried to hole the chip, and I didn't do that. I had to at least try to make a putt so I could eagle the last hole, and I didn't do that, either.

    It was tough out there, ... I wasn't feeling all that comfortable with my swing. I hung in there and somehow posted a number.

    I thought (old) 7 was a great risk-reward hole. You could hit driver. You could hit fairway wood, or even iron, off the tee, depending on what you feel you could do. Now you're hitting driver where usually we're hitting 3-woods or 2-irons. It's playing totally different now.

    Don't force your kids into sports. I never was. To this day, my dad has never asked me to go play golf. I ask him. It's the child's desire to play that matters, not the parent's desire to have the child play. Fun. Keep it fun.

    I made a lot of putts and hit my irons decent. But I really putted well. I was able to make putts at the right time and get momentum on my side.

    He's a competitor, and being such a great competitor, it must be hard for him not to be prepared. I can understand why he's bowing out now.

    I've fallen in love with the course, and the environment. I've never been a fan of TPC courses, so it's nice to play old-school courses like this one that are laid out right in front of you. It's not one of the hardest, but it's fair and you know you have to go low.

    The winds just came up out of nowhere in the afternoon. It's playing very difficult. But you just have to accept the consequences and move on.

    Money and fame made me believe I was entitled. I was wrong and foolish.

    Missing the cut at the Nelson was probably more disappointing, because I bogeyed the last hole and I had the cut in hand, ... At Disney I had to birdie the last two holes.

    I figured if I could birdie 17 and 18 and post a number I would at least have some kind of a chance.

    I feel it's very comparable to a major championship. The field is not quite as big but they're still just as deep and just as strong.

    It's important, but it's not that important. If he has it wrapped up, so be it. Anybody would rather have player of the year than the money title.

    I would love to win it and hope that this year will be my year. The 36-hole match-play format will be good preparation (for the Ryder Cup, which also is match play), and we will all be looking for some confidence.

    Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps.

    If you're leading, you're playing pretty good.

    It's not exactly easy to make the short ones out here this week, ... The trick is, not to leave yourself too many of them. For the most part, I've been able to do that.

    I'm not as far along as Jack Nicklaus was at this age, but I'm trying.

    As a kid, I might have been psycho, I guess, but I used to throw golf balls in the trees and try and somehow make par from them. I thought that was fun.

    Rumors were swirling at Quail Hollow that Tiger Woods was a late arrival because he stopped over at Pinehurst No. 2, about two hours away, where the U.S. Open will be played next month. Not true. The last time I was there it was raining and I missed a putt on the 18th, ... No, I'm not thinking about that. You can't think about that unless you've won the first three and get to the last one. You've got to take it one step at a time.

    I hit two really nice shots and then just chickened out on a bunker shot and left it way short. I wasn't in position to make birdie, and he was. And I made the putt and he didn't. All of a sudden, it looked from potentially going back to 2 up for him ... now we're all square.

    Every year that I've been lucky enough to win this tournament, my dad's been there to give me a hug. He wasn't there today. I can't wait to get home to see him, to give him a big bear hug.

    The Player of the Year means a lot because it's from your peers. That is like the ultimate compliment. The money list doesn't really interest me that much only because if you play more, you have a better chance of making more money and I don't play that many events. I'm concentrating on the bigger events. If I can win more events than anyone in a year and more majors than anyone in a year, it's going to be a great year.

    You just cannot give away shots like that. I turned a great round into just another round. It was very frustrating.

    I just could not make a putt. Either I hit good putts that didn't go in, or I hit atrocious putts that weren't even close. It was frustrating.

    It turned out to be a great week. I didn't really have my best stuff this week but I hung in there with my mind and hit some good shots when I needed to,

    I've always played my best when I've gone out and played and stayed focused on what I have to do and not worry about anything else,

    One of the things that my parents have taught me is never listen to other people's expectations. You should live your own life and live up to your own expectations, and those are the only things I really care about it.

    I did not play well at all, ... I had a two-way miss this week. You can't aim a two-way miss even if those fairways are 300 yards wide. If you get it hitting both ways, it's tough to play.

    And I don't cook, either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza.

    I love to play golf, and that's my arena. And you can characterize it and describe it however you want, but I have a love and a passion for getting that ball in the hole and beating those guys.

    It's not easy here, it's a tough track. And I haven't always played my best golf at the right time. This track, you got to hit the ball well.

    He goes days and days and days and days and days without missing, ... He's been hitting 100 putts like that from that distance every day since July 6.

    I had to put the ball on the green (17) and try to make a putt. I had a shot. I had to draw it a little bit and it didn't draw at all.

    It was a see-saw battle, ... It was a matter of who blinked first.

    Funky just basically took over. The last hole and I had a four-iron in my hand and I figured I could make four from there, but I just didn't do it.

    Zero, absolutely zero. I'm here to try to get ready to win this tournament, and hopefully come out of this week positively so I'll be in good standing going into the U.S. Open.

    I need to make a move on the backside. I know I'm in (good physical) condition, that's not a problem. It's just a matter of execution.

    I've got to stay patient and build on it each and every day. Patience helps and at least I'm still in it. There won't be too many guys under par by the end of the week and hopefully I can get myself there over the next three days.

    I had been struggling with my driver the entire week, ... then all of a sudden I make the best swing. It's a great feeling to make your best swing when you actually had to.

    The key in shooting any good round is to give yourself some chances and, tomorrow, if my swinging is feeling any good, I'll have some chances. But, if it's not, then I'll have to give myself those 15 to 20 footers and hope I can make those.

    If you are given a chance to be a role model, I think you should always take it because you can influence a person's life in a positive light, and that's what I want to do. That's what it's all about.

    I thought at the beginning of the day, there might be two scores in the 60s today. The golf course is playing really difficult. It's fast now. As always, if there's no rain here, the golf course is completely different from Wednesday to Thursday. It somehow just dries out miraculously overnight.

    I stopped living according to my core values. I knew what I was doing was wrong but thought only about myself and thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to.

    Yeah, I've got my little senior club in there.

    Her focus, her determination, her preparation over the winter months ... people don't realize how hard she works. She didn't get to this level by just hoping she could play well.

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