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    Given that the fire came from an American source I called in the American ambassador,

    Italy is on the side of the United States and of all those who are committed to the fight against terrorism,

    We all say no to war, we are all for justice and peace. But sometimes in order to maintain peace, armed action is necessary. But we hope it won't be the case.

    They have broken a life, they have not cracked our values and our desire for the peace.

    Italy will always be grateful to the United States for what this country has been doing to free us from totalitarianism in the past century,

    If there ever was a day when controversy should be silenced and when all Italian citizens should show solidarity with those who have taken on the lofty task of defending the values of our democracy, then this is the day.

    I have never before read such rubbish in the newspapers as I did this morning ... 'Bush contradicts Berlusconi'. When How About what,

    No intimidation will budge us from our willingness to help that country rise up again and rebuild itself with self-government, security and freedom,

    Now, the country is facing a difficult phase, ... Not more than two weeks ago, the country was giving signs of unrest and disquiet, which were very important. I understand these signals, and I wanted to give a political response.

    I was never convinced that war was the best system to bring democracy to the country.

    This has been a terrible story, an anxious time for all the country -- all fathers, mothers of Italian daughters -- but it has concluded in a totally positive way. The two girls are well, and tonight will be able to embrace their loved ones.

    Of course they don't please me, but art has the right to choose -- and miss -- its targets.

    I'm open about this, I don't have any difficulty in admitting it.

    Bush will keep up that policy that gives the United State the role of promoting freedom in the world.

    This is a trial only based on invented evidence, ... There is nothing, I repeat, nothing. There is no proof, no documentation, and there is no motive.

    No intimidation must move us away from the willingness to help that country to be free, ever since a terrible war was declared by terrorism,

    (He is) practicing the methods communism has always used to win power -- taking advantage of traveling companions whom history then defines as useful idiots.

    I have never been convinced that war was the best system to make a country democratic and help it escape dictatorship, even a bloody one,

    Their overriding consideration is hatred toward me. And this runs counter to the truth and hurts the interests of our people. Do they realize that they are exposing them to mortal danger

    A formula for reform must be found capable of overcoming such embarrassment and a positive way of leading this institution to greater strength, to greater authority for resolving international problems and international crises must be found,

    If there is a better candidate then I am willing to stand down.

    the government will do everything in its power to achieve as soon as possible the release of four Italian citizens held in Iraq.

    On the contrary, I tried on numerous occasions to convince the American president not to go to war. I did what was within my capabilities to avoid that happening.

    We are not a civilized country if we can read in a newspaper what a lady tells her boyfriend or husband,

    I'm shouting for him, he will be a champion of peace, ... But he'll have a difficult task, to transform what it just a geographic area into a state.

    I will try to have greater cordial relations with the United States...because it is thanks to that nation and the young lives it sacrificed that we were liberated from Nazi-Fascism.

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