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    China attaches great importance to the utilization of renewable resources, making it one of the important moves to promote economic and social development,

    China is the most populous developing country in the world, while Canada is the largest developed country in terms of land mass,

    It helped spread far and wide the basic values of freedom, democracy, equality, justice and peace, and promoted in a big way the awakening of the people of all countries, especially those of colonial and semi-colonial countries, thus exerting a sustaining influence on the development of human civilization.

    We must work hard to promote the common development among all countries and the universal prosperity of the world at large,

    The Asia Pacific region is our common home, and expanded co-operation between Canada and China, with greater co-operation and development across the region, serves the mutual interests of the Chinese and Canadian people and the people in the region as a whole.

    The officials must turn back and look over the past seven years and find out what has gone wrong,

    Let's join up to work hard to achieve common prosperity and development.

    China-Pakistan relations have stood the test of time and international ups-and-downs since the two countries forged diplomatic ties 55 years ago.

    It is in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples to enhance our friendship and trust, propel co-operation of mutual benefit, and promote common development,

    Backwardness leaves one vulnerable to attack -- this is the hard lesson the Chinese people have learnt from their tragic experience of repeated foreign invasions in modern history,

    The CPC always cherishes the traditional friendship between China and the DPRK and has set it as a consistent policy to continuously strengthen and develop the China-DPRK friendship,

    The exhibition faithfully reflects the glorious path of the Chinese people's heroic fight against Japanese aggressors, ... They are vivid teaching materials for education in patriotism among the people, especially the young people.

    The past, if not forgotten, can serve as a guide for the future. By emphasizing the need to always remember the past, we do not mean to continue the hatred. Instead, we want to draw lessons from history and be forward-looking,

    In light of the current international context, G20 members must engage in flexible and pragmatic dialogues on the basis of equality and mutual benefits, seeking common grounds while shelving differences,

    The fact that China had realized the great jump from one-person, one-day space flight to multi-person, multi-day space missions within two years has marked a new landmark victory in China's manned space technology,

    I believe the exchange and dialogue between our two parties will improve Cross-straits relations and help the development of peace and stability,

    It is only through the road of peaceful development that the progress of the human race and the prosperity of a nation shall and can be achieved,

    I sincerely hope that the PFP and the CPC, together with compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, will make concerted efforts to maintain peace and stability in areas across the Taiwan Straits, continue to promote the development of cross-straits relations, and commit ourselves to rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,

    Your visit attracted much attention worldwide, and the document of 'common aspiration and prospects for cross-Straits peace and development,' which we jointly issued with a view to promoting the benefits of compatriots on both sides of the Straits, is of great significance to pushing forward the cross-Straits relations on a path of peace and stability,

    In the coming new year, the Chinese side is ready to work together with the Indian side to take the Year of China-India Friendship as an opportunity to carry forward the traditional friendship between our two countries, strengthen dialogues, exchanges and cooperation in all fields and at all levels, continuously deepen the contents of the bilateral relations, and push forward the China-India Strategic and Cooperative Partnership in an all-round and in-depth way.

    The motherland and people are proud of you. I hope you will successfully complete your task by carrying out the mission calmly and carefully and have a triumphant return,

    We should respect the right of all countries to independently choose their own development paths, promote greater dialogue and exchanges among civilizations in the spirit of democracy and equality,

    It is inevitable for China and the United States to have different views on some issues as the two countries have different history, culture and domestic situation,

    We will never allow anybody to separate Taiwan from China.

    The regular meetings between the leaders of China and the European Union are good for enhancing our mutual understanding,

    We have an in-depth exchange of ideas on a number of issues and I am very interested in further pursing our discussions covering bilateral relations and questions of shared interests.

    The Chinese people will never forget the precious support offered by then Soviet people. The deep friendship between the Chinese and Russian people is our common treasure,

    The six-party talks have run into some difficulties at the moment. I hope the parties will be able to further display flexibility, work together and create necessary conditions for the early resumption of talks.

    I am satisfied with the achievement of the robust China-Canada co-operation, ... This move meets the needs and the times of our peoples.

    We are willing to make unremitting efforts together with the DPRK to push forward the traditional friendship under the new circumstance,

    those arch criminals who launched the wars of aggression and had their hands blotted with the blood of the people around the world received their due punishment.

    Firstly, the two sides should maintain high-level visits and improve the friendly exchanges between the governments, parliaments and parties to further consolidate the political foundation for the China-Zimbabwe ties,

    Therefore, China will proceed along the path of peaceful development to achieve a peaceful, open and cooperative development,

    A long-time lover of peace, the Chinese nation always cherishes such beliefs that one should be kind and trustworthy to its neighbors and endeavors to build a harmonious neighborhood,

    The Chinese government firmly supports and protects, in accordance with the law, all legal protest activities, ... We believe that the broad masses will, proceeding from the fundamental interests of the nation and taking the overall situation into account, carry out the activities in good order and in accordance with law.

    We should maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, promote cross-Strait exchange and cooperation, and make our best to work for the happiness of people on both sides of the Strait.

    Instead, we want to draw lessons from history and be forward-looking, ... only by remembering the past and drawing lessons from it can one avoid the repetition of historical tragedies.

    China is ready to work with Vietnam to continue exploration in building socialism and make continuous efforts for new prospects of bilateral all-round friendly relations and cooperation and for a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity,

    we must ceaselessly safeguard, promote and develop the interests of the masses.

    Hence, modernization in China remains a long and uphill journey that will entail many years of hard work,

    We hope that the Dalai Lama will come to the right judgment of the situation, reverse his position (on independence) and really do something useful and beneficial for the country and for his ethnic group in his lifetime,

    We intend to bring our GDP up to around 4 trillion US dollars and per capita GDP to around 3,000 US dollars within the next 15 years, so that we will be able to further develop the economy, improve democracy, advance science and education, enrich culture, foster greater social harmony and upgrade the texture of life for the people,

    We should see various ways to cooperate in energy and resources. We should work hard on the exploration of energy, such as oil and gas.

    The relationship between China and Bangladesh has registered all-round development in the three decades with both sides politically trusting each other and economically benefiting each other,

    History tells us that any attempt by a country to realize its interests through the use of threat or force ... will get nowhere. We will never waver in our commitment to the one-China principle.

    To develop a friendly relationship and cooperation with Canada is an important component of China's foreign policy,

    Leaders of both sides agree it is in the basic interests of China and Vietnam and their people to promote friendly mutual trust, cooperation for mutual benefits and common development between the two countries and the CPC and the CPV,

    American officials have said relations with China are the best since former president Nixon's visit to China,

    We should all oppose acts of encroachment on other countries' sovereignty, forceful interference in a country's internal affairs, and willful use or threat of military force,

    By winning the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, Chinese people thoroughly foiled the attempts of Japanese militarists to destroy China, putting a clear end to the record of humiliation suffered by China as a repeated victim of foreign aggression in modern times. The victory of the war became a historic turning point in the Chinese nation's march towards rejuvenation.

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