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    Don't forget that in the midst of all your pain and heartache, you are surrounded by beauty, the wonder of creation, art, your music and culture, the sounds of laughter and love, of whispered hopes and celebrations, of new life and transformation, of reconciliation and forgiveness.

    We love our pastor. The Bible tells us that reconciliation is the word of God. That's all it is. So for them the parishioners to be upset about their pastor, I'm sure that anybody can understand that.

    Sorry Day falls on the eve of Reconciliation Week, giving us the chance to ask whether we are making progress in the wider challenge of reconciling Indigenous and other Australians.

    It's an appropriate thing to recognize. I guess the words I would use are remembrance and reconciliation. Reconciliation is a tenet of all the faiths and it brings people together and allows for forgiveness. You can't have reconciliation without remembrance.

    Justifying faith implies, not only a divine evidence or conviction that ''God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself',' but a sure trust and confidence that Christ died for my sins, that He loved me and gave Himself for me.

    The only possible role that I can see for reconciliation would be to make modest changes in the major package to improve affordability, to deal with what share of Medicaid expansion the federal government pays, those kinds of issues, which is the traditional role for reconciliation in health care.

    I don't know why Mr. Hakim is saying this at this time. It's time for reconciliation, it's time for negotiation, it's time for participation in the political process.

    Reconciliation cannot be used to pass comprehensive health care reform. It won't work because it was never designed for that kind of significant legislation; it was designed for deficit reduction.

    There are more serious leaders who are outstanding and not in custody than the three you described and I am sure that a number of those will not be part of the reconciliation process but again that is a decision that the Afghan government has the lead on,

    If there is to be eventually, over time, a genuine peace and reconciliation, there has to be a sharp reduction -- hopefully an elimination -- of the kind of incitement and hatred and demonization that has so far characterized the conflict,

    Frankly, reconciling some of (her) past views with current testimony is not that easy, but I take Gale Norton at her word. Based on her testimony, because of the promises she made at the hearing, I will support her nomination.

    This delegation reflects the president's continued commitment to democracy and supporting countries making the difficult transition from war to peace, and from tyranny to liberty. The United States looks forward to working with the new president and the people of Liberia to rebuild their institutions, establish stability and prosperity, and create an environment for reconciliation.

    HP takes a federated approach with most of the emphasis on the reconciliation engine. Federation allows customers to leverage their existing product implementations and helps IT organizations build towards a complete picture in a stepwise manner, which is a good thing since no right-thinking CIO will launch a multi-year, mega-integration project where benefits are only derived at the end.

    I think that, on the reconciliation issue, if they had the votes, we wouldn't have had the summit. And if they try to go through reconciliation, it will be a change in semantics. Instead of the American people saying 'stop the bill' or 'kill the bill,' it's all going to be about repealing the bill. That's not the kind of discussion that they want.

    Ben Moseley is concerned for the members of the churches involved, the people in those communities and the injured firefighters. It is hoped that this decision will help us move forward with efforts to resolve all of these matters in a way that will result in reconciliation and restoration.

    It is the great mystery of human life that old grief passes gradually into quiet, tender joy. The mild serenity of age takes the place of the riotous blood of youth. I bless the rising sun each day, and, as before, my heart sings to meet it, but now I love even more its setting, its long slanting rays and the soft, tender, gentle memories that come with them, the dear images from the whole of my long, happy lifeand over all the Divine Truth, softening, reconciling, forgiving My life is ending, I know that well, but every day that is left me I feel how my earthly life is in touch with a new infinite, unknown, but approaching life, the nearness of which sets my soul quivering with rapture, my mind glowing and my heart weeping with joy.

    One of the most basic principles for making and keeping peace within and between nations. . . is that in political, military, moral, and spiritual confrontations, there should be an honest attempt at the reconciliation of differences before resorting

    War seems to be part of the history of humanity. As we look at the situation of our planet in the past, countries, regions and even villages were economically independent of one another. Under those circumstances, the destruction of our enemy might have been a victory for us. There was a a relevance to violence and war. However, today we are so interdependent that the concept of war has become out dated. When we face problems or disagreements today, we have to arrive at solutions through dialogue. Dialogue is the only appropriate method. One-sided victory is no longer relevant. We must work to resolve conflicts in a spirit of reconciliation and always keep in mind the interests of others. We cannot destroy our neighbors We cannot ignore their interests Doing so would ultimately cause us to suffer. I therefore think that the concept of violence is now unsuitable. Nonviolence is the appropriate method.

    The problem will be finding floor time, especially in the Senate, where Supreme Court nominations, appropriations bills, (budget) reconciliation, and post-KatrinaRita measures leave little time for anything else, ... Steroids are likely to carry over to next year.

    With words it is possible to achieve a lot more than with explosions and it is our desire to bring the current conflict to an end, ... The solution is the reconciliation between two nations.

    We are all one - or at least we should be - and it is our job, our duty, and our great challenge to fight the voices of division and seek the salve of reconciliation.

    Former adversaries can come together to find common ground in a way that benefits all their people, to let go of the past and embrace the future, to forgive and to reconcile.

    The essence of peace is to merge two opposites. Therefore your notions should not scare you if you see another, who absolutely opposes you, and you presume that there is no chance for peace between you two. On the same token when you see two individuals who are exactly two opposites, never say it would be impossible for them to reconcile. On the contrary, and this is the perfection of peace to make it between two opposites.

    The aging but energetic evangelist has been outspoken in challenging countries to redirect their energies from wars to cooperative projects for peace and development. Why must we continue pouring countless dollars into wars that, in the end, will never bring the reconciliation of enemies ... The time has come for the countries of the world to pool their resources and advance toward the world of peace desired by God.

    This budget reconciliation is a farce. What they want to do is cut our programs so they can put together the money for the tax cut they want to do next.

    They can choose the path of reconciliation, negotiation and peace ... or go down the other road ... of devastation, of thousands losing their lives and the country stagnating,

    Reconciliation is to understand both sides to go to one side and describe the suffering being endured by the other side, and then go to the other side and describe the suffering being endured by the first side.

    Reconciliation is a special budget procedure to change entitlement and tax laws. It cannot be filibustered and requires only a simple majority in the Senate to be passed. It is primarily intended for deficit and mandatory spending reduction.

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