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    They have the opportunity now to make real progress toward the reduction of tensions and a resolution of their differences through peaceful means.

    East Africa has been an area of terrorist threats and indeed terrorist attacks in the past. Those threats are still out there.

    Our policy toward Iran has not changed. The president has said we will be looking for indications that countries do want to change. But ... we've had long-standing concerns.

    As Secretary Powell has always said, he and Deputy Secretary Armitage serve at the pleasure of the president and will continue to do so.

    What we're doing is focusing on trying to resolve the issues, trying to resolve what we call freedom of travel disputes that involve U.S. citizens in Saudi Arabia. And we're going to keep up that effort.

    As with the issue of censorship, while we understand the seriousness of the crisis that Sri Lanka faces, we call on the government to avoid restrictions of civil liberties.

    The United States will continue to engage and support the Haitian people in pursuing our mutual interests, which include strengthening democracy, improving respect for human rights, eliminating poverty, stemming the flow of drugs through Haiti to the Unit

    They went over what the president has outlined as our goals for Afghanistan.

    The lack of accreditation and the government of Zimbabwe's limitation on observer access will detract from the credibility of the elections.

    We urge all parties there to work together to maintain peace, support the constitution and promote national reconciliation.

    But that of course is insufficient. What we want is access so that we can make those determinations ourselves.

    I'm not going to try to determine what steps the Israelis may or may not take or how they should take it. What we want to see is action to end the terrorism. We've called for that. Chairman Arafat's made statements. He needs to follow through on those statements. He can do more.

    Israeli incursions into Palestinian-controlled areas have contributed to a significant escalation in tension and violence. Israeli defense forces should be withdrawn immediately from all Palestinian-controlled areas and no further such incursions should be made.

    The Philippines deserves full credit for this successful outcome.

    The legislation would allow broader authority to provide assistance to Colombia in this unified -- I guess what we could call a crosscutting -- threat posed by groups that use narcotics trafficking to fund terrorist and other activities, to threaten security and undermine democracy in Colombia.

    We want all of these things to happen now. The time is now for a cease-fire and the start of Tenet.

    It really remains vital that press freedoms be preserved to the greatest extent possible, consistent, obviously, with the need to protect the security of military operations.

    This is a matter of extreme seriousness. The sanctity of diplomatic personages is very important to us as well as the international community and must be upheld. No determination has yet been made as to precisely what happened or whose forces were involved. We are trying to establish these facts.

    Inflammatory statements such as those attributed to President Chavez are not helpful in advancing the dialogue between the government of Venezuela and the opposition.

    Inter-Korean dialogue is the key to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

    We are determined ... to develop as broad a campaign against international terrorism as possible. And a positive Iranian role in this effort would obviously contribute to our goal of promoting peace and stability, and increasing our security.

    Russia's treatment of Mr. Pope since his arrest raises serious concerns about the safety and security of American business travelers in Russia and about our ability to protect the health and welfare of American citizens who may be traveling or living in Russia.

    We urge India and Pakistan to continue to act responsibly to avoid a conflict that can have no good result on either side.

    The secretary reiterated what we have said before. We are not seeking to escalate this problem, but we are not going to give in to blackmail.

    We haven't made any decisions, in terms of announcements or any other forward moving there. I've described for you our goals and the road map. And I can't give you any more dates. It's something we're still looking at.

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