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    The contribution of Islam to history and modern civilization is the product of the efforts of peoples of many races and tongues which came to accept its way of life.

    The Iraqi people and the Muslims worldwide should not fall into the trap of those who seek division to further their own political agendas. Any violence that is committed in reaction to this despicable action is also not acceptable in Islam.

    This country has gone in a short period from a haven for terrorists to a coalition ally in the war against terrorism, ... Freedom is clearly taking root in this country, and Afghanistan is on a path to become a model for freedom and moderation in the Muslim world.

    You don't need to hug Indonesians to death. But the US does need to be more even-handed in its dealings in the Middle East, and more sophisticated in its dealings with the Muslim world.

    Kicking out the invading crusader forces and the Jews will not only happen by demonstrations and by shouting in the streets. Reform and expulsion of the invaders out of the Muslim land will only be accomplished by fighting for the sake of God.

    On his 700 Club ... I have taken issue with our esteemed president in regard to his stand in saying Islam is a peaceful religion. It's just not. And the Koran makes it very clear, if you see an infidel, you kill him.

    Nobody is entitled to do this in the name of Islam and who does it in the name of Islam is harming Islam ... Violence weakens us. Violence works against us. Anything except violence is helpful. He hopes on that occasion to meet with a number of leaders from Europe and from the Islamic world and to discuss with them ways of calming the situation.

    He who announces himself party to their alliance is a 'democrat', while he who opposes their methods in the fight against terrorism is a 'terrorist'. I am making these comments to all free people in the world, aiming to wake up the conscience in humanity. The sword of democracy is only unsheathed against those who raise the flag of Islam.

    President James E. Faust has noted that in contrast to earlier, God-fearing times' a new civil religion seems to be developing in America. He said The civil religion I refer to is a secular religion. It has no moral absolutes. It is nondenominational. It is non-theistic. It is politically focused. It is antagonistic to religion. It rejects the historic religious traditions of America. It feels strange. If this trend continues, non-belief will be more honored than belief. While all beliefs must be protected, are atheism, agnosticism, cynicism, and moral relativism to be more safeguarded and valued than Christianity, Judaism, and the tenets of Islam, which hold that there is a Supreme Being and that mortals are accountable to him If so, this would, in my opinion, place America in great moral jeopardy.

    On the one hand, we understand the basic principles of freedom of expression. On the other hand, as Muslims, we do feel offended when the insult goes to the root of Islam, Muhammad himself.

    For as long as the power of America's diversity is diminished by acts of discrimination and violence against people just because they are black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Muslim or gay, we still must overcome.

    When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is trying to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind. (J.

    We would never ask our communities to vote one way or the other. We have far more respect for the Muslim community to know that the way they vote is how they see Canada, not just a narrow community.

    Realize that a Muslim will know that his wife was seen naked in this machine. You know what would be the reaction?... Terrible. I believe there's technology out there that can identify bomb-type materials without necessarily, overly invading our privacy.

    It's a revolutionary situation. This the first time that the Muslim Brotherhood or any Islamic group has been elected to run an Arab polity, and there are no real precedents. Are we looking at a hardcore movement that may make some tactical gestures but remains totally committed to destroying Israel and transforming Palestinian society, or are they pragmatists and will change these beliefs.

    The people of Pakistan are rather disappointed. They have seen the U.S. pay a great deal of lip service supporting democracy in Muslim countries, but when we look at what is happening in Pakistan, President Bush says he shares the president's views and hi

    Predicting has a spotty record in science fiction. I've had some failures. On the other hand, I also predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of fundamentalist Islam... and I'm not happy to be right in all of those cases.

    While demanding rights for Muslims, the MCB wants to deny rights to lesbian and gay people -- both Muslim and non-Muslim. It sees no double standard or inconsistency in its selective approach to human rights.

    President Bush's war on Iraq is viewed broadly in Islamic communities as an attack on Islam, and thus the President has alienated a large part of one fifth of the world's population.

    We will seek to debate the right way forward in combating this evil within the Muslim community with Muslim leaders, and it's our intention to begin this process immediately,

    Butcher of Washington, you are not only defeated and a liar, but also a failure. You are a curse on your own nation and you have brought and will bring them only catastrophes and tragedies. Bush, do you know where I am I am among the Muslim masses.

    We came to say, the Quran is our constitution, we are committed to God and his holy book. God willing, should they try to carry out their crime against the Quran, God will tear their state apart and they will become God's lesson to anyone who tries to desecrate the holy book.

    In spite of this fact, the Western powers have never given sufficient importance to the Muslim world. They have always been inclined to treat it as a big backward and lethargic child.

    'Each time that something comes to your mind regarding Allah know that He is different from that' Commentary If you think and believe that He is what all the schools of Islam profess and believe He is that, and He is other than that If you think that He is what diverse communities believe Muslims, Christians, Jews, Mazdeans, polytheists and others He is that and He is other than that And if you think and believe what is professed by the Knowers par excellence prophets, saints and angels He is that He is other than that None of His creatures worships Him in all His aspects none is unfaithful to Him in all His aspects. No one knows Him in all His aspects no one is ignorant of Him in all His aspects. Those who are among the most knowing regarding Him have said 'Glory to Thee. We have no knowledge except what You have taught us.' (Koran 232)

    The idea wasn't to provoke gratuitouslyand we certainly didn't intend to trigger violent demonstrations throughout the Muslim world. Our goal was simply to push back self-imposed limits on expression that seemed to be closing in tighter.

    I did not come into contact with any Muslim before I embraced Islam. I read the Qur'an first and realized no person is perfect, Islam is perfect, and if we imitate the conduct of the Holy Prophet... we will be successful.

    I am not a Hindu, Nor a Muslim am II am this body, a playOf five elements a dramaOf the spirit dancing With joy and sorrow.

    Intentionally provocative attacks on Islam should be rejected in the same way that credible media outlets quite rightly decline to publish anti-Semitic materials.

    And if the imam and the Muslim leadership in that community is so intent on building bridges, then they should voluntarily move the mosque away from ground zero and move it whether it's uptown or somewhere else, but move it away from that area, the same as the pope directed the Carmelite nuns to move a convent away from Auschwitz.

    As a Muslim, I can understand the emotional intensity of the issue, however, responding through violence does not uphold the dignity of our faith. Burning buildings and throwing bricks is definitely not the answer. Muslims united and using their economic leverage, now that's something the world can respect.

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