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    Today the Egyptian people stand together, united by their submission to the will of God and inspired by the spirit of both Christianity and Islam,

    I extend my hand to every Egyptian so that together we can create a new tomorrow and a better future, ... Let me tell you that I need your support to work together for tomorrow.

    To control it in the atmosphere he is living in -- he has no control, ... He has no tools, no police, no intelligence.

    The people gave me the responsibility of building the future of this nation. And I did it with honor.

    The Palestinian people have been exposed to dangerous aggression, ... We have to put an end to the military aggression of the Israelis against the Palestinians because this had a really negative effect on the peace process.

    a belligerent attitude whose grave consequences we caution against. It is an attitude which threatens the very essence of peace.

    I'm committed to sustain current efforts to reach a free trade agreement with the United States,

    These are the first direct presidential elections in our history ... In such a situation, words and promises are not enough,

    We are meeting here to put an end to this cycle of violence, to put things back in order and to put the wheel of peace on the right track. The task is very great, but our hopes are greater.

    There are some people who dislike this whole spirit and blood, or soul and blood business, ... It's better to change it.

    You must not condition any progress in the political process on confiscating weapons. If you try to force them, they will have a civil war,

    Nobody can tell what would happen in the Palestinian territories if Arafat is expelled, ... Terrorism, violence will erupt everywhere. It would be a very dangerous situation.

    I will not allow any effort to hide the truth or cover up any aspect of what happened, because the calamity is great, the accident grave,

    We have ordered competent authorities to conduct a complete investigation to clearly determine responsibility and to hold accountable anyone proved to have fallen short in their duties or who were careless in providing safety.

    Peace is the only guarantee for the region's countries to have stability and to embark on their development plans, ... There can be no stability or development under violence, tension, terror and frozen peace.

    These elections come at a turning point in the history of our country, which is facing new challenges,

    With our souls, with our blood, we sacrifice ourselves for you, Mubarak

    I swear by almighty God to uphold the republican system with loyalty, to respect the constitution and the law, to look after the interests of the people fully and to safeguard the independence and territorial integrity of the motherland,

    Any withdrawal from occupied territory is very highly appreciated, ... would not be accepted by public opinion in the area.

    Iraq should commit itself to implement the U.N. resolutions, and the Iraqi leadership should put the interests of its people into consideration,

    At the end it was everybody's fault, not one in particular, because the place wasn't meant to be a theater,

    It is being said that Arafat doesn't want to make peace now, but I can confirm that Arafat wants to continue with the peace process and he wants to take advantage of the situation as it is today, not tomorrow,

    I have this to say to the people: go the polls and vote for the candidate of your choice... This is your responsibility; do not neglect it.

    King Hussein was a great leader and brother and a dear friend ... he believed in justice and peace,

    The president was always up on the mountain, surrounded by people who wanted to protect him. He came down from the mountain to ask people for their vote.

    What is wrong with strengthening the opposition You lose nothing, ... But let them abide by the rules.

    An honest observer of the evolution of conditions in Egypt would discover that terrorism is an alien phenomenon, strange to our values and heritage.

    We will continue to fight the scourge of terrorism against humanity and reject the culture of extremism and violence in any form or shape, from whatever source or place, regardless of justifications or motives, being fully aware of their dangers as a plague that threatens the peace and stability of the whole world.

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