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    Maybe I made a few or maybe many tactical mistakes, ... but I did not make a mistake in the very essence of what I've ... chosen to do, namely to leave no stone unturned in order to find a way to put an end to this conflict, at the same time to be open-eyed enough to realize that it takes two to tango.

    We'll take every means within our disposal to intercept those terrorist attacks, ... But if that will happen I will hold not just the terrorists themselves, but the Palestinian Authority who released them responsible for the events.

    Friends, this is a time of emergency, and in an emergency, brothers walk together,

    agreed to the probe after bowing down to pressure by the Arab political sector. An attorney general said that in the Police Investigations Department's report there was no bias or anything of the sort, and then some people go on a hunger strike and put up a protest tent and the legal procedure is completely altered.

    We can just hope at a certain time he will be back, ... I would not exaggerate the immediate consequences of such a step, but of course we regret it.

    I came here as a messenger of the people of Israel who have called for change and renewal. And I am determined to bring about change and renewal,

    There was a dramatic shift back home in the peace camp in the last 24 hours, ... People who were angry at me are now realizing what the real alternative is and are coming back in tens and thousands every hour.

    I'm sure that the people, like me, will stand by this government and do everything we can to help it.

    If there is a need, I will intervene. I truly hope the truck drivers will overcome the temptation to use the technical ability to clog up the country's arteries.

    We are a government that does not deal with niceties of language and packaging, it deals with action, ... I have no doubt that ... we will continue on this path and, in the end, the feeling will change as well.

    Time is of the essence for the whole process. We cannot sit idly and wait for the whole process to be solved somehow,

    With revived momentum, enhanced international standing and renewed intimacy with the United States, we are at an extremely critical point in time,

    If it is possible to work out a realistic plan for genuine policies (toward peace) then a unity government could be successful,

    We will stand firm fighting against terror until the circumstances will become right for resumption of negotiations, ... It's only negotiations and peaceful agreement that will solve the problem from its very roots.

    There are those who doubt the mandate I received from you the citizens of Israel, ... Israel is in a state of emergency.

    The real question is who will lead the government and to where ... and on this question a unity government headed by Netanyahu is not the answer,

    This government has come to its end. It might survive for another few more weeks or months but ultimately (there will be) new elections.

    Since Arafat has wasted much of this time in dragging his feet ... we have very serious doubts about the seriousness of his intentions to reach an arrangement,

    As prime minister, I take responsibility for all that happens in this country, including the events when 13 Israeli Arabs were killed,

    point of equilibrium to provide us with a stable peace for generations to come.

    We have a democratic, modern, advanced society which must integrate with the most progressive societies in the world, ... Otherwise, we will have a society divided into ghettos.

    The supreme goal will be to bring peace to the Israeli people.

    Once it becomes clear that there is only a slight opening for an agreement with Syria, we move forward to implement our pullout from Lebanon.

    It is in our hands, perhaps, for the first time in many years, to bring an end to the conflict between us and our neighbors.

    legitimate movement that believes in security and peace they have differences of emphasis and approach from ours.

    Today we embarked on a new road of trust in order to give a new momentum to the peace movement, ... The new Israeli government abides by all its commitments.

    The prime minister calls on the international community to continue and pressure the Iranian authorities to free the innocent prisoners.

    Prime Minister, you have blood on your hands.

    You have done more than anyone else to bring about the historic change in the attitude of the church towards the Jewish people, ... Your coming here is a climax of this historic journey of healing.

    Let the Palestinians know that we were ready to allow for the realization of some of their dreams even at a heart-rending price, ... But let the Palestinians realize we too have dreams. We too have national interests that we cannot compromise -- the security of Israel, unity of Israel and our sacred values.

    It is clear that the Syrians would like to have a reassessment of the situation. We fully respect them, ... I believe the negotiations will resume in the following weeks. It may take four or six weeks, but I believe they will resume.

    In order to cooperate with him, you cannot weaken him beyond a certain point, you cannot humiliate him beyond a certain point. And if you intend to destroy him, you cannot expect the cooperation of his security service, which is now a sort of precondition for personal security in Israel.

    We are determined to push it forward, if there is a possibility of having an agreement,

    It is my intention to be everyone's prime minister. Whatever the differences of opinion between us, we are brothers,

    We want peace, but not at any price.

    I am not a prophet. I am the leader of Israel, ... When the time comes, the Palestinians will have to negotiate with us what kind of entity is shaped for them in a context, a wider context, of all the other issues that are on the table.

    without an agreement ... because after serious discussions we discovered the other side did not act like real partners for peace.

    the perception in the world was that they tried to strangle us. In Lebanon we violated this basic rule and we were unable to hold what we took.

    I suggest to everyone that you look less at gestures and more at action on the ground, ... Everything will be examined according to how it is implemented, both in terms of what the Palestinians do and also as far as our own actions.

    There will be 15 months during which we will know if have agreements in the Middle East. I believe that we will have agreements,

    we do not intend to drag our feet for another three years.

    We do not believe in rewarding violence, and an international presence will become a reward to the Palestinians' violence, ... We do not believe such a presence will reduce violence, and in a way might contribute to more excuses for the Palestinian side to complicate things.

    In order to receive a new mandate from the nation for the way in which I lead ... I decided to submit my resignation,

    I hope of course that everything will be decided in negotiation,

    I don't think that such talk helps in any way to promote the peace process,

    The IDF (Israeli Defense Force) will deploy itself within the security zone in a way that will ensure the defense of our settlements and borders, and we will decide on the timing of the implementation of the pullout according to the overall picture of our situation,

    We will do our utmost so that every Palestinian participates in the decision.

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