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    I've learned that I really love a lot of the students here. I'm sure there's some teaching methods I've learned, some approaches I've learned. But what I know is I just really love the students here. They are so curious and outgoing and very seeking.

    I think that writing is something often better than life. I look forward to going to bed so that I can get up and write in the morning.

    I didn't have the patience to study words like moms and dads and cats and dogs, so I set up an independent study to translate these poems by Jean Genet with a French professor.

    In that class I'm good for something. I'm good for the environment. I stress the urgency of the situation. Students ask what they can do. I don't have the answer, but studying the problem is the first step.

    We wanted to make them as light and as comfortable as eyewear.

    I was managing to pay off my student loans, but I was tired of digging in the dirt. I didn't see myself digging myself out of the hole I was digging. I made the decision to leave the real world, and go back to the fake world again.

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