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I've learned that I really love a lot of the students here. I'm sure there's some teaching methods I've learned, some approaches I've learned. But what I know is I just really love the students here. They are so curious and outgoing and very seeking.

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I think that writing is something often better than life. I look forward to going to bed so that I can get up and write in the morning.
Mark Spitzer

I was managing to pay off my student loans, but I was tired of digging in the dirt. I didn't see myself digging myself out of the hole I was digging. I made the decision to leave the real world, and go back to the fake world again.
Mark Spitzer

We wanted to make them as light and as comfortable as eyewear.
Mark Spitzer

In that class I'm good for something. I'm good for the environment. I stress the urgency of the situation. Students ask what they can do. I don't have the answer, but studying the problem is the first step.
Mark Spitzer

I didn't have the patience to study words like moms and dads and cats and dogs, so I set up an independent study to translate these poems by Jean Genet with a French professor.
Mark Spitzer

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