Frederick Forsyth Quotes (8 Quotes)

    In the 66 years that I have been alive, there has not been one hour, of one day, of one month, of one year, when there has not been a threat aimed at us.

    The man in gray decided to take the Glen Suite of diamonds at midnight. Provided they were still in the apartment safe and the occupants away. This he needed to know. So he watched and he waited. At half past seven he was rewarded.

    It was cold at 640 in the morning of a March day in Paris, and seems even colder when a man is about to be executed by firing squad.

    He was one of the masters of the thriller and he really was one of the great signposts, because he took the spy thriller out of the gentility of the drawing room and into the back streets of Istanbul and where it all really happened, ... The Day of the Jackal.

    We were not able to finish the show as we ran out of time, so you will have to tune in next Saturday to see how we got on,

    There was a thin robin's-egg-blue dawn coming up over Tel Aviv when the intelligence analyst finished typing his report.

    The Internet offers authors and their readers a new diversity of opportunities and freedom.

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