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    It has proven to be a very effective model. It is a single point for education, enablement--what I call kicking the tires.

    With such a concentration of opportunity, customers and partners, having a second BPIC is a winning strategy. Customers can come and rather than hear about a solution, they can see it.

    I don't think we need to radically change incentives and financial programs. It's more about coverage and enablement than anything else. We are not interested in creating a lot of stacking. We are protecting the investment our current partners have made.

    We have a linkage with the partners that will continue to give us that edge in understanding what that next set of opportunities and values are.

    IBM's unwavering focus -- from one end of our organization to the other -- is on delivering open, on demand solutions and services that are channel-ready, as well as offering partner programs that truly stimulate an ecosystem of growth, collaboration and innovation. We are dedicated to being the IT industry's partner of choice and we are honored that the Business Partner community selected IBM as the company they most want to partner with.

    This is going to impact a lot of competitors. There are a lot of partners doing business with other companies, but I am not going to focus on names.

    Judges selected Pay By Touch as the winner in this category for bringing an innovative business solution that allows smaller and mid-sized businesses to compete on equal footing with larger businesses -- as well as for their ability to offer this solution to customers around the world. Pay By Touch is combining its technology expertise with business insight to help their clients innovate on important business issues and realize real efficiencies.

    Our programs don't require radical change. Our programs require just enhancement and tuning and trying to get better yields on the investments that we and our partners have made. A great example is the fact that we now have 100 business partner innovation centers around the world.

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