Andre Agassi Quotes on Chance (4 Quotes)

    He went through a stretch where I was lucky if I was in every third point on his serve, but I just said to myself I wanted to make him earn it and I finally got a chance in the fifth set.

    It's not ideal to have three five-setters going into a final, ... but I felt pretty decent out there in the fifth set. I stepped it up when I needed to. It's not ideal but it's a great problem to have. I'd sign up for the chance to be in the finals anytime. And I might just surprise you. Mentally, just being out there will take care of that. Physically, I'll be able to make someone earn it.

    I can live with losing, I can't live with not taking my chance. I wasn't happy about being in a fifth after being up two sets to love, but I did know I was going to make him earn it.

    He's the best I've ever played against, ... There's nowhere to go against Federer there's nothing to do except hit fairways, hit greens and make putts. Every shot has that sort of urgency on it. And if you do what you're supposed to do, you feel like it gives you a chance to win the point. That's just too good.

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