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    Walt didn't like her doing her prescribed medication. He said, 'Sharon, I don't like when Sheila does her pills,' and I said to him that she needs it for her back when she's in pain.

    It is clear that we need a new chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission immediately. Sen. Lott is disappointed that Mary Sheila Gall, who is a clearly a qualified candidate, has not been confirmed by the Senate due to personal partisan attacks.

    The really interesting people we meet in our lives are mixed with comedy and tragedy. What they've created with Sheila, the audience and I have no idea what's going to happen, what she's going to do, or what she's going to say.

    I want to find Sheila. I want to hear her say, 'Hey, Boo' I want to hear from my sister. Wolf, I can't tell you the logistical nightmare of not just trying to find people, but then, of course, once you find them, to get them into shelters and then also to make sure that they have some places to go.

    Luis said to me that as he turned away, he was right on the line, and he said the ball was over the line. And after the game my secretary Sheila, who was sitting right in line in the main stand, said to me that the ball had crossed the line. She is a very honest person and that was good enough for me. It was a goal.

    In most hospitals, paging Nurse Flamingo means a fire. Dr. Blaze means a fire. Dr. Green means a suicide. Dr. Blue means somebody stopped breathing. Nothing is straight forward anymore. In a grocery store, paging Mr. Cash is a call for an armed security guard. Paging Freight check to Women's Clothing means somebody is shoplifting in that department. Other stores page a fake woman named Sheila. Sheila to the front means somebody is shoplifting in the front of the store. Mr. Cash and Sheila and Nurse Flamingo are always bad news. It's what people say when they don't want you to hear the truth.

    Over 12 years and nearly two Senate terms, Wellstone never wavered in his convictions, but he gradually adjusted his style to the courtly atmosphere of the Senate. Just how well he had adapted was evident in the hours after his campaign plane crashed two miles from a small airport last Friday 175 miles north of Minneapolis. (Also aboard were Wellstone's wife Sheila, daughter Marcia, three campaign-staff members and two pilots. There were no survivors.) Despite the marked contrast between Paul's and my views on matters of government and politics, ... he was my friend. And I was his.

    That changed the whole perspective. But from my point of view, I wasn't going to walk down to Sheila (Murphy) and tell her when I found out 'Hey, I'm going to walk away now.' We knew it was going to be difficult. But the kids have been great.

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