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    It is sad to see something so big and so old go. There are so many beautiful trees in this neighborhood and you hate to see one of them go down.

    Walt didn't like her doing her prescribed medication. He said, 'Sharon, I don't like when Sheila does her pills,' and I said to him that she needs it for her back when she's in pain.

    It's fun. The community comes together for once and you get to see good art and hear good music.

    I love the energy and vitality of being around young peoplethat's probably one of my favorite parts.

    The city supports the shelter being open an additional day for humanitarian reasons because we don't think the storms are over. But getting approval for a year-round shelter would take a separate (council) action.

    Share your story. Your pharmacist or your doctor is not going to know you drink 15 cups of coffee a day unless you tell them, or that you drink wine with dinner every night.

    The dosage for people over 65 might be one-third to one-half of what people take at 40.

    Given how low that U.S. production is, prices are extremely low, but that's the effect of these worries about China.

    It was an interesting day to say the least, ... There was a big sell-off in light trading yesterday, and we gained just about all of that back.

    Seventy percent of the people with arthritis dont take their medications. Fifty percent of the people with diabetes dont take their medications.

    We're trying to help people understand that people come here for the same reason that our ancestors did opportunity.

    I'm not surprised that my brother pulled over and stopped for that pregnant girl. He has a daughter about that age, and he is just the type of person who wants to protect everyone.

    He was younger than me in years but he was big brother at heart. He liked to look out for people. He hated to see people hurt. But he was always good at avoiding trouble you know he just wanted to break it up and move on.

    I want to thank the minority members for all your efforts even though we didn't win the war, ... You have our best interests in your hearts.

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