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The Feast of Fortuna had nothing to do with tuna, which was fine with Percy.

("The Son of Neptune")

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Death has more in common with Love than you might imagine.
Rick Riordan

I imagined loading the God of the Sea into a taxi and taking him to the Upper East Side.
Rick Riordan

Survive first. Figure out crayon drawing of destiny later.
Rick Riordan

He looked like those paintings of baby angels - what do you call them, hubbubs? No cherubs. That's it. He looked like a cherub who'd turned middle-aged in a trailer park.
Rick Riordan

Lovely. Imprisoned in a nursery school dungeon.
Rick Riordan

Back up shall we? When my brother, the crazy chicken warrior, turned into a falcon and went up the pyramid's chimney with his new friend, the fruit bat, he left me playing nurse to two very wounded people-which I didn't appreciate, and which I wasn't particularly good at.
Rick Riordan

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