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Death has more in common with Love than you might imagine.

("The Son of Neptune")

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I can't believe Sadie's going to let me have the last word. Our experience together must've really taught her something. Ow, she just hit me. Never mind.
Rick Riordan

I looked back, but Bast and Sadie seemed fine. They were still staring at the water as if it were some amazing Internet video.
Rick Riordan

When she kissed me, I had the feeling my brain was melting right through my body.
Rick Riordan

Which meant his only assets were one whiny imprisoned goddess, one sort-of-girlfriend with a dagger, and Leo, who apparently thought he could defeat the armies of darkness with breath mints.
Rick Riordan

There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.
Rick Riordan

Don't judge someone until you've stood at his forge and worked with his hammer, eh?
Rick Riordan

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