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Could an Olympian parent turn against his half-blood child? Would it sometimes be easier just to let them die? If there were ever any half-bloods who needed to worry about that, it was Thalia and me. I wondered if maybe I should've sent Poseidon that seashell pattern tie for Father's Day after all.

("The Titan's Curse")

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It wasn't easy looking dignified wearing a bed sheet and a purple cape.
Rick Riordan

And when demigods use cell phones, the signals agitate every monster within a hundred miles. It's like sending up a flare: Here I am! Please rearrange my face!
Rick Riordan

I must admit I'm impressed, Sadie. You controlled your magic and controlled Isis. And you, Carter, did well turning into a lizard.
Rick Riordan

Grover started to sniffle and I figured if I didn't cheer him up he'd either start bawling or chewing up my mattress. He tends to eat household objects whenever he gets upset.
Rick Riordan

You Titans are about as bright as my gym socks.
Rick Riordan

Tantalus made a wild grab, but the marshmallow committed suicide, diving into the flames.
Rick Riordan

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